Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Auster on “Obama’s” Expression of a Black Despot: Wrong Pic, Right Judgment?

By Nicholas Stix

In “Obama’s True Self?,” Lawrence Auster writes, “Obama is half white, and grew up among whites, but he has a facial expression never seen before in a U.S. president: the classic facial expression of the black despot:”

Auster then re-publishes the following picture, which he believes supports his claim.

Larry Auster is a brilliant man, but like most sluggers in baseball, this intellectual slugger hits a lot of home runs, but also strikes out a lot. A particular “hole in his swing” is his tendency to over-interpret photographic portraits. E.g., see his analysis of a publicity picture of a young Sophia Loren.

If you want a photographic portrait that expresses the beliefs of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama”, the one you want to use follows:

In the above picture, “Obama” is imitating the preachers of the racially genocidal Nation of Islam, whom he had clearly studied during his many years in Chicago. All that’s missing is the bowtie. However, considering that “Obama” is an over 20-year-long devotee of genocidally racist Black Liberation Theology, his status as a black despot is a given, and requires no interpretations of photographs.

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