Tuesday, July 16, 2019

NY Education Commissioner is Resigning, but It's the Wrong One!

N.S.: The one who needs to resign is New York City's racial socialist Edboss, Richard Carranza.

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NY education commissioner is resigning

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia is resigning her post as of Aug. 31, according to a letter she submitted Monday to the Board of Regents. She has led the department since July 2015.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Two stories that Lesta dwelled on today:
Holt reported ruefully,that the white policeman involved with trying to arrest obese,behemoth Eric Garner,five years ago,will not face criminal charges.
"I can't breathe,"Holt said,repeating Garners's words to the viewing audience,"I can't breathe."
Maybe not,but the family got to breathe a lot easier--6 million dollars worth of breathing from the civil settlement.In the ghetto,THAT'S a son to be proud of.
Then Garner's mother went on the air today to give a performance that should win her an Oscah:"I wants JUSTICE.The prosecutors have failed us--now WE can't breathe."
Six million dollars--for a non-criminal response to a 360 lb black,resisting arrest.What if the cop died while wrestling Garner--who would the policeman's widow sue?
Then,a black woman in New Orleans,that according to Holt,"was a legendary force in those areas where she lived,"got herself murdered in the last week.Holt reported the murder yesterday--and you know Lesta--he was praying a white guy did it.
Today,a 36 year old black male,who owed the black woman $1200 in rent,was
arrested.They showed his picture on the screen so fast,that I almost thought I was seeing things.
This crap,plus race charges against Trump,are all you see on "Negro Nightly News".