Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Will Lying Black Racists and White Activists Get an Innocent White Man and His Relatives Raped and Murdered?

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Police composite sketch of the “white killer”


Anonymous said...

Da white mans did it. A black mans would not do such a thing to a brother or a sister. Got'z to be the white mans that did it.

Anonymous said...

GRA:These thugs make Trumps point about increasing border security.The story also reveals the worthless nig dealers paid an elderly woman $2500 to transport the drugs to Michigan from California--almost exactly what the plot of the latest Clint Eastwood movie,"The Mule" was about.Kalamazoo is 40 miles south of Grand Rapids.
KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kalamazoo man is among two people charged with federal crimes after a drug bust that netted 27 pounds of methamphetamine.

Tyrone Antuan Hollin and his brother, Andre Maurice Hollin, appeared in Grand Rapids' federal court Wednesday afternoon for arraignment.

Andre Hollin is from California, where detectives say the drugs were coming from, and Tyrone lives in Kalamazoo, where detectives say the drugs were taken.

The Southwest Enforcement Team said over about six months, local, state and federal detectives determined drug traffickers shipped more than 400 pounds of meth, including ICE from Mexico, from California to Kalamazoo within two years.

"Kalamazoo right now is an epicenter for crystal methamphetamine, ICE," said Lt. James Lass with SWET.

"An amazing amount of ICE is in Kalamazoo right now," he added.

Tuesday, SWET moved in on the suspects, intercepting an SUV on I-80 in Bureau County, Illinois they say was bound for Kalamazoo. Officers stopped the SUV for a traffic violation, during which a K-9 alerted fellow officers to 27 pounds of ICE meth hidden inside the rear doors of the Lexus, a search warrant states.

The court document obtained by 24 Hour News 8 states the driver told investigators Andre Hollin paid her $2,500 to take the SUV to Kalamazoo, where he would meet her. The elderly woman said she knew drugs were in the vehicle, but didn't know what kind or where they were stashed.

Investigators allowed the driver to call Andre Hollin and set up the meeting for Tuesday in Kalamazoo, according to the search warrant. The driver and her husband left the SUV with Andre Hollin at a duplex in the 600 block of Reed Street in Kalamazoo.

Once Andre Hollin moved the SUV into a garage, police and detectives moved in, searching the home and arresting him. An officer said Tyrone Hollin was also taken into custody after he ran out the back of the home.

At the same time as the arrests, federal and state officers say they searched California properties, recovering about 30 more pounds of ICE meth.

"Sometimes the good guys catch a break and we caught a huge break today," said Lt. James Lass with SWET.

Tyrone Hollin was previously indicted in October on two federal charges for allegedly using the U.S. mail system to try to distribute meth.

The search warrant says postal inspectors intercepted multiple packages containing suspected crystal meth and heroin being mailed to people in Kalamazoo, including to Tyrone Hollin.

Police say they know where the drugs came from.

"Most of it is now coming from Mexico," said Lass.

President Donald Trump addressed securing the southern U.S. border in his first national primetime address Tuesday night, amid a standoff with Congress that has led to a partial government shutdown.

Tuesday's drug bust was a case where what's coming across the border is hitting home in West Michigan.

"It impacts us here absolutely. My guys have to go in harm's way to try and stop the ICE that's coming from Mexico," said Lass.

If convicted on the charges, the Hollin brothers both face a decade in federal prison.
GRA:A decade doesn't seem long enough,to me,for distributing meth and ruining hundreds of lives.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

--AND nothing more from Lesta.
Holt should be charged with trying to incite and if this white man is injured in any way,a hate crime,for contributing to a volatile situation--without having the facts.After the "white racist killer" theory blew up in their face,NBC should have apologized,but instead referred to the arrest of the blacks as,"a turn in the case."
By all rights,Holt should be fired and NBC news execs removed right along with him.The hysteria created by Holt was not only unfair to whites in that area,it showed a desire to incite blacks to commit violence against whites.
What's difficult to understand,for me as a viewer,is that Holt didn't HAVE to air that white man composite or story the day it first appeared last week.As a once a day newscast,they have the flexibility to wait for the facts.Instead,Negro Nightly News,went for the "hate whitey" race card,and by doing so,showed they cannot be trusted as a news organization anymore.As with Trump stories,they will choose disinformation over evidence,rumor over truth and inflammatory speech over calm reporting.
In short,NBC News is a disgrace.
--GR Anonymous