Sunday, January 06, 2019

Jazmine Barnes Murder: It was All Mistaken Identity, and the White Man Who is Really a Negro Man Did the Crime

By A.L.
Sun, Jan 6, 2019 11:37 a.m.

The white man who is really a negro man did the crime


Anonymous said...

It seems this may have been a drug deal gone bad. The woman bought drugs but tried to drive off without paying. With her kids in the car. Lying in a capital case too of itself is a capital case.

And the woman was absolutely sure it was a whitey man that did the crime. She did not say possibly or I am not sure. She said it WAS a whitey man.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Think they'll be the slightest bit contrite about this? Hell no! Whitey probably made the brotha's do it anyways. Only reason this one made the national media was because of the desperate need for black racists and white liberals to believe it was. Usually the retraction after a hate crime hoax gets only brief back page mention. But this wasn't graffiti but a murder of a child so the media can't wash it away quite as easily.

Something tells me that nobody in the media will point out the hypocrisy of giving this story coverage because they thought it was a "hate crime" committed by whitey while ignoring the thousands of black on black murders because they "aren't hate crimes".

I can't help but feel glad for the white guy in the red truck that the black "thought" they saw do the shooting. Imagine if they couldn't identify the true perps and they caught they guy that was just driving by at the wrong time. I wonder what extent they would go to frame him in order to appease racist black America.

Anonymous said...

That bad guy shooter needs to get death or three times the normal amount of punishment. It is Texas so perhaps the law will be followed. Somehow I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Black racists aren't just "not contrite" about their attempt to create a hate crime where there was none, they are DEFIANT! No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

Without apology for their amateurish,destructive theorizing on Friday,NNN reported today that the Barnes case,"took a turn" over the weekend.
Yup,right on NBC's peacock.
They sent,I believe,Gabe Gutierrez down to Houston to explain where NBC went wrong,without saying they WERE wrong about their kneejerk assumptions of last week.
Laughably,as is their M.O.,NNN quickly followed the negative black story with a "good" bkack story,showing a redeemed black woman--who killed a white guy--getting clemency from the governor.She claimed she killed the white guy because he was a mean pimp.
Now she's free.
How about that?And they say there's no such thing as happy endings on the news anymore.
--GR Anonymous