Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dollar Meals, Dollar Houses! An Indiana City--Karl Malden's Hometown--is Selling $1 Homes to Save Itself from Decay; Here's What You can get for the money.

Sat, Jan 12, 2019 7:25 p.m.

An Indiana city is selling $1 homes to save itself from decay. Here's what you can get for the money.

[A mutual friend] suggested looking into Sierra Vista, Arizona as a possible place to retire to. But what can you get for a $1.00 there? Will this offer launch a "rush" to Gary, Indiana? MMM…maybe not.


David In TN said...

Karl Malden, one of my favorite actors. A long time ago I saw him described as an example of the Method Actor.

According to Wikipedia, as a young man he worked in a Gary steel mill.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to read the article,but I'll tell you what you get for dollar:Front row seats to the ghetto.
What you DON'T get for a dollar:Peace of mind,safety--a long life.
What you need:A bullet proof vest,plus a
loaded rifle standing near your bed.
Not too many Maldens living around there now I'm guessing.

Anonymous said...

Go take a drive through downtown Gary. What used to be downtown Gary. You will want to get outta the place as fast as you can.

Anonymous said...

I was intrigued but they lost me at "Gary". You will never recoup your initial $1 investment. Maybe if you could buy a payday loan outfit or a gas station that also fries chicken you could do ok there.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Gary Indiana is also the childhood home of the Jackson 5 clan. Tells you all you need to know right there.