Thursday, January 10, 2019

Are Bill de Blah, Blah, Blah (aka de Blasio) and Gavin Newsom Both Planning Prexy Runs? It Sure Looks Like It!

By Jerry PDX
Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 4:17:00 P.M. EST

Looks like your Mayor De Blasio has the same mental disorder Gavin Newsom does.

And I thought our mayor is a liberal/socialist fruitcake. This is taxation without representation. The middle class pays for this and gets nothing in return, except the sight of posing and posturing politicians reveling in their sanctimony.

What's most galling is that these [doo-doo heads] have the nerve to claim it's actually saving us money, because if illegals come in for regular doctor visits they won't have more catastrophic illnesses later on that are more expensive.

That's wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin. EVERYBODY eventually breaks down physically with some kind of catastrophic illness, so even if it's true, which is very debatable, it's only postponing the inevitable and racking up lots of doctor visits in the meantime. It would actually be better if they didn't go to the doctor out of fear of being deported, because then a lot of them will die and not cost us anything.

Sound harsh? Ask me if I care.

Plus, these politicians don't account for how free health care is another incentive that will motivate more illegals to come to this country, meaning the costs of treating them goes up and up.

[Socialists and communists always assert that their welfare programs and boondoggles will save money in the long run, they always lie, and the things always incur massive additional costs… forever!]

I'm actually not against giving anybody ER service, even an illegal, but that's different from going to the doctor for regular health care services. I'm not going to say turn emergency cases from the doors and having car accident victims, etc. dying outside the doors of hospitals but that's as far as we go. People aren't going to be motivated to immigrate just because they could get patched up at the emergency room, but they will migrate for free, long-term health care, and it's not our responsibility to supply it for them.

I rarely go to the doctor because I'm in excellent health and have no physical problems but that could change anytime and it's outrageously expensive, even with insurance. That these politicians expect us to pony up, so illegals can have free health care, is sheer lunacy.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly.It's not our responsibility to provide health care to Mexican citizens,Hondurans and El Salvadorans.They have not contributed one penny to the system and probably wont.How many of these illegals even have a legitimate social security card,let alone pay taxes(see "Under the table" income,a fave of this group).Why haven't protests--from actual taxpayers--
erupted over this raping of our healthcare system,is beyond my thought process.Yet,$5 billion for a wall is too much?Billions are probably lost each month on illegal immigrant crime and government handouts.I've heard 10% of our prison population is illegal Mexican.Whites had better get our priorities straight and start letting our politicians know,they DO NOT have the right to destroy our financial system to coddle these immigrants (and their potential votes).
What will it take?
--GR Anonymous