Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Totalitarian, Gay, Apple CEO Tim Cook: The Moral Case against Free Speech and for Unfettered Mass Third World Migration

By A Friend
Tue, Dec 4, 2018 11:03 a.m.

Apple's Tim Cook: The moral case against free speech and for unfettered mass third world migration

“In accepting the first-ever ‘Courage Against Hate’ award at an Anti-Defamation League event in New York City on December 3, 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook makes the moral case against free speech and for unfettered Third World immigration:...

“Doing what's right, creating experiences free from violence and hate — experiences that empower creativity and new ideas — is what our customers want us to do.”

N.S.: Because terrifying people with the omnipresent threat of destroying their lives via accusations of "hate" is surely the best way to empower creativity and new ideas.

In accepting the first-ever "Courage Against Hate" award at an Anti-Defamation League event in New York City on December 3, 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook makes the moral case against free speech and for unfettered Third World immigration:

“Do not be indifferent to the bloodshed of your fellow man. Do not be indifferent. This mandate moves us to speak up for immigrants and for those who seek opportunity in the United States. We do it not only because their individual dignity, creativity, and ingenuity have the power to make this country an even better place, but because our own humanity commands us to welcome those who need welcome.

[“Immigrants”: Code phrase for violent, criminal, illegal aliens whom Cook & Co. seek to bring in, in order to serve them as cheap labor and as racial terrorists, racially cleansing their white social inferiors.]

“It moves us to speak up for the LGBTQ community, for those whose differences can make them a target for violence and scorn. We do so not only because these unique and uncommon perspectives can open our eyes to new ways of thinking, but because our own dignity moves us to see the dignity in others.

[N.S.: The “LGBTQ Community” is a demographic enjoying incredible privilege, which it demonstrates by constantly engineering “hate crime” hoaxes. “[T]hese unique and uncommon perspectives…” Like what? These people all have the same friggin’ perspective: ‘Normal, white heterosexual males are evil, and must be destroyed.’ It is the “perspective” of collectivist hatred and collective punishment, a primitive attitude as old as man. To the degree that homosexuals are in danger of being targeted for violence, it is by the very same groups Cook supports—illegal aliens and their anchor baby children, blacks, and Moslems.]

“Perhaps most importantly, it drives us not to be bystanders as hate tries to make its headquarters in the digital world. At Apple. we believe that technology needs to have a clear point of view on this challenge. There is no time to get tied up in knots.

“That's why we only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division, and violence. you have no place on our platforms. You have no home here.

[N.S.: I don’t recall Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, being a totalitarian commissar. Unlike Tim Cook, Jobs had talent. Besides which, Cook is pushing nothing but “hate, division, and violence.”]

“From the earliest days of iTunes to Apple Music today, we have always prohibited music with a music of white supremacy. Why? Because it's the right thing to do, and as we showed this year we won't give a platform to violent conspiracy theorists [referring to Big Tech's deplatforming of Infowars' Alex Jones] on the app store. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

[N.S.: But they never banned the viciously racist, misogynist “music” of black supremacism.]

“My friends, if we can't be clear on moral questions like these, then we've got big problems. At Apple, we are not afraid to say that our values drive our curation [?!] decisions. And why should we be? Doing what's right, creating experiences free from violence and hate — experiences that empower creativity and new ideas — is what our customers want us to do.

[N.S.: Liar. It’s what he wants to do. And “curation” is apparently, in some contexts, a new euphemism for censorship.]

“We believe the future should belong to people who use technology to build a better, more inclusive, and more hopeful world.” (at a speech in New York as he accepted the Anti-Defamation League's first-ever ‘Courage Against Hate’ award on December 3, 2018; SOURCE: “Apple CEO Tim Cook: Banning ‘Hate, Division’ Is ‘Right Thing to Do,’” Breitbart, December 3, 2018)

[N.S.: “More inclusive”: One with no place for normal, patriotic, white men, and down the road, any whites.]

A.F.: This is scary stuff. In a related article:

USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies’ Right to Censor

President Trump hailed the trade agreement he signed with Mexico and Canada last week as “great for all our countries.” Perhaps he doesn't know that the NAFTA-replacing trade agreement, USMCA, gives tech giants in Silicon Valley a special legal privilege to censor his own supporters ­ and anyone else they find “objectionable.”

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube all engaged in pre-election censorship against Republicans and Trump supporters. Yet they’ve managed to sneak a liability protection into President Trump's trade bill that would make it even easier for them to censor their own users.

USMCA entrenches the tech giants’ legal protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which grant them legal immunity for user-generated content. This is an important part of the law that allows tech platforms to host a wide variety of speech with light-touch moderation.

But USMCA also entrenches tech companies' right to censor without liability. Article 19.17 of the trade agreement gives tech companies immunity from any lawsuits arising from actions taken to “restrict material it considers to be harmful or objectionable.”

Section 230 has a similarly problematic provision, which needs to be amended by the next Congress if the censorship of the internet is to be stopped. But the new, even broader censorship provision, will make it nearly impossible for the tech giants' privilege of legal immunity from any lawsuit that arises out of their censorship practices to be taken away.

Whereas Section 230 can be amended by the U.S. congress, USMCA is a trade agreement – once ratified by all three nations (the U.S., Canada, and Mexico), it will take further agreement from the three nations to amend it....


Sebastian Hawks said...

"a primitive attitude as old as man. "
Another primitive, premodern attitude making a huge comeback is the idea that the weather is the result of evils by some members of society and those in power can point at their enemies and blame them for bad weather for political purposes. The weather is exactly the same as I remember it my entire life. Summers are hot, winters are cold. Yet all these knuckleheads keep saying how, "this weather is so WEIRD" when we get a thunderstorm in May or a snowstorm in December. Groupthink. Only difference is instead of tossing the village virgin into the volcano to appease the weather gods, now the demand is to punish evil Republicans who drive SUVs.

Anonymous said...

The ADL of itself ought to be categorized as a hate organization. Conducted and probably still is conducting a massive espionage operation against Americans it considers to be a "danger". Intelligence gathering of a sort even the government is prohibited from doing.

Cook too will comply almost instantly with any demand made by the Chinese. For them he will almost everything and instantly too.

Anonymous said...

White queers are among the subset of whites that are anti-white.Liberals have assembled smaller groups of white freaks,nutjobs and behaviorally challenged whites,along with blacks,illegals and a non-Christian contigent,whose plan is to isolate whites into powerlessness.That's the goal anyways.
With liberals using MSM,tech companies,politicians,judges,universities,well known anti-American(anti-white) organizations such as the ACLU,SPLC,BLM,NAACP tandem,in a kind of blitzkrieg move since Trump took office,whites have been knocked on their heels.We are on the defensive.It all started with Obama(actually 1964),but has dramatically escalated since Trump won the presidency.
MSM and tech's goals are to attack whites and censor them,respectively.Hardly a day passes when "poor white behavior"(by cops and individual white citizens) isn't pointed out by "Negro Nightly News" and other outlets.Tech uses social media to foment an outcry against the "offending" white,thereby showing whites in general,how not to act--to keep from losing their jobs or be ostracized(or worse).
The corrupt liberal judges,ACLU and SPLC make sure the trend of diminishing white influence continues and is not reversed judicially.BLM and NAACP keep the pressure up vocally.
My question is,who is the leader of this well orchestrated takeover--85+ year old Soros?Or has he passed the baton to others WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.Obama,Clinton--who?
Whites might have a chance,if the majority of normal whites had a clue what is happening and be organized as well as the enemy-and they ARE the enemy.
There is a female commentator on Red Ice on YouTube(Red Ice is a self-described "alt-right" site).I just found it last week looking for the Fields trial.The female is confident that whites will only be pushed so far,before we take back our country.
I wish I was as confident.I think we only have as much time,as the amount of time Trump stays in office,2-6 years to change the trajectory of where America is headed.
Let's hope we do the right thing--and before it's too late.
--GR Anonymous-I'm a white man

Sebastian Hawks said...

"I think we only have as much time,as the amount of time Trump stays in office,2-6 years to change the trajectory of where America is headed."

Unfortunately, seeing how powerless Trump actually is and how far the cancer has metastisized I think it's already too late. The time right after 911 when George Bush Jr. was in office was the critical time when this could have been stopped. That's probably around when the often touted "12 million" number of illegal aliens was fairly accurate. Instead he did nothing. Since then probably another 50 million foreigners showed up legally, illegally, or were born to the foreigners already here and the country is already down the tubes. I work with shipping and receiving and don't know if it's just the "Ferengi" shoddy junk we sell, or typical of the country in general, but it seems like over half of the names of the customers aren't American anymore. Nothing but Abduls, Patels, Changs, Jose, and some so strange I don't have a clue where they are from. What Trump really can do is get an accurate Census as to how bad the numbers on the ground really are, I think they have been lying to us about the illegal alien true numbers. If possible also see how many non-citizens were signed up to vote through the democrat's "motor voter" scheme and how many actually cast a ballot. If it can be demonstrated that this is going on and the facts released to the public this can very much "delegitimize" the government in the minds of Americans. Hard to respect a government voted in by foreigners the way Leave it to Beaver Americans worshiped the constitution in their civics class.

Anonymous said...

Agree sir.The demographics must be reversed--and that will take a plan,time and money (to pay for whites to have more kids).