Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Stanford Frat Told to Take Down "Offensive" American Flag, Hangs Much Bigger One

Reader-Researcher R.C.
Wed, Dec 5, 2018 10:00 p.m.

Stanford Frat Told To Take Down "Offensive" American Flag, Hangs Much Bigger One | Zero Hedge

The Bay Area has always been a bastion of progressive values. But since the election of President Trump, the dominant ideological orientation in a region that's notoriously prone to groupthink has shifted from questioning conservative values to deliberate anti-Americanism.

R.C.: At first I thought this article was from The Onion.

Then I realized it involved Stanford University.


Anonymous said...

Deliberate, malicious and hate-filled anti-Americanism. Very much so. So overt now it is not even anything but the norm and expected form of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Not only anti-American,but more importantly,anti-white.America WAS a white country.This is hatred of whites by programmed whites(plus minorities)--done in by schools and laws that promote a disdain for our history as a white country.
I repeat:The whites that are on board with the treason against their own race,will be executed faster than those who fight against what is being attempted.If the blacks,Mex and Muslim get a majority in government--and power--,they will start the genocide of whites-it's in their natures.By then,there will be no right to bear arms.
Trump had better get something going FAST.

--GR Anonymous--I'm an endangered white man