Sunday, December 02, 2018

John Derbyshire on LBJ's Daughter and the Japs

By An Old Friend
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Subject: Worthwhile, very brief anecdote from John Derbyshire

It's from this week's "Radio Derb" podcast, the transcript of which will become publicly available at midweek:

This is a true story. Back in 1966 when Lyndon Johnson was President, his younger daughter Luci Baines Johnson, just 19 years old, got married. The wedding date was set for August 6th that year.

There was a minor fuss about that. August 6th is the date we dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. There were some indignant comments in the Japanese press. The daughter of the American President getting married on such a grim anniversary? Was this some kind of deliberate insult?
When Luci was told about the criticisms she responded in proper LBJ style. "OK," she said, "we'll change the date to … How about December 7th?"

The wedding went ahead on August 6th as scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes,you just have to shut the assh&les up with a good verbal comeback.
Now it's even worse,they(media)commemorate every damn tragedy on the planet,so you invariably couldn't get married,buy a gun or light a campfire on ANY day of the year without insulting someone or causing angst about something.
"It's been a year since the Las Vegas massacre(and they'll count every year ad infinitum)so don't be a heartless bastard and play the slots--in Vegas-- on October 1st,ever again!"
Of course 9/11 (understandably)gets remembered.But are other mass murders,assassinations,fires or floods,hurricanes,tornadoes,earthquakes necessary?Do we HAVE to know when every one of them occurred every year?I think they just gave up on the Johnstown flood of 1889.
I suppose its filler,but do I have to know when Waco happened annually or the Miami concert shooting?Much of it is cherry-picked and very political.You won't see the observance of the riots in Ferguson,Missouri.You WILL however see Charlottesville brought up until time immemorial.
You will see Dylan Roof talked about every year,but not Samuel Little,Henry Louis Wallace or Dwight Lamon Jones(from this year).
You WILL see Nelson Mandela's death commemorated by the news every damn year,but not Harry Truman or Eisenhower.
John McCain will be remembered by MSM,from now on,Barry Goldwater will(and has)not.
Another one of the subtleties in the"Era of Get Whitey".

---GR Anonymous-I'm a white man.

Anonymous said...

In all probability not one even the slightest degree of thought was given that the date for the wedding conflicted with the dropping of the atomic bomb. Well, some people are really touchy.