Saturday, December 01, 2018

Breaking News: President George H.W. Bush dead at 94

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George Herbert Walker Bush — the 41st president of the United States — died on Friday night...
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DEC 01, 2018



Anonymous said...

Here we go again--John McCain redux.Obama's are already heaping praise.What does that tell you about his contributions,besides the fact he unleashed George "W" Bush on us for 8 years--and almost Jeb.Sheeesh.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Bream,from FOX,made the eulogy-like statement that "G.H.W.Bush was back with his wife Barbara--REUNITED."
From the following story,maybe Bream should have offered,he'll be hiding from Babs in the afterlife:
Via the Cheat Sheet website
Rumor has it that Jennifer Fitzgerald, former assistant to George H.W. Bush, had an affair for years with her boss, according to Politico. Bush had known her since 1973 and she worked closely with him for a long time. George H.W. Bush’s son, George W. Bush, supposedly knew his father was having an affair and was extremely upset about it.
GRA:I posted a long article a couple years ago about this affair--Fitzgerald was actually called "a second wife."
How many times in the next week does anyone think,Jennifer Fitzgerald's name will be brought up?Who will bring this huge part of Bush's life out for review?
They talked about JFK's affairs--why not Bush?Answer:He's a swamp protected property.Bush did what the swamp wanted and his reward will be sainthood forevermore.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It is sad when anyone loses his life (except for vicious criminals) but the first Bush was a disaster as president--doing his best to unravel what Reagan accomplished. I voted for him the first time, but was so disappointed in him that I worked for Pat Buchanan to replace him and did not vote for him the second time.
Just like with Bush the first, I voted for Bush the Second the first time he ran because Rush told everyone he was a REAL conservative. Again, I was severely disappointed and refused to vote for his second term. After two strike outs, I have finally learned and would never vote for another Bush--especially that dufus JEB. Probably the only time I agreed with Jesse Jackson was went he said, "Stay out the Bushes!" (Why can't blacks learn proper English?)

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The Bush family has always been pro immigration, the migrant rates were higher under them and under Clinton. I remember when George was introducing his extended family members and pointed out the "brown" ones. He go some bad PR for that but it blew over pretty quickly, after all the Bush's love bringing the "brown" ones into our country, they make great low paid servants and cheap labor for their business interests.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
It looks like the media is playing the skin lightening game again with Samuel Little, the same way they did with Chris Harper Mercer, the Oregon Umpqua College shooter. I couldn't help but notice that every photo of Little the media is using looks whitewashed and he appears to be much lighter skinned than he really is, I thought at first it was because he was older and blacks will often lose pigmentation as they age but when I did a google image search I noticed some pictures showing a much darker complexioned man, also there are a couple of photos of him as a young man, in one he appears to be lighter due to a clearly whitewashed picture and the other he look as dark as can be.

Here is the lightened image of Chris Harper Mercer the media used:

I've read that there are accusations that right wing extremists put out the lightened the photo of Mercer but that's a load of BS, the media didn't have to use the photo, which they did and any of the other photos they used of Mercer were either lightened or looked so ambiguous you were uncertain of his race. Not even to mention the headlines calling him a white supremacist and never mentioning that he was black. In Little's case, his race is just not being spoken of in the few articles being run about him. That along with the lightened photos will keep one of the most prolific, if not the most, serial killers ever in the US from being remember as being black, if even remembered at all. I predict one year from now 99% of all US citizens will not remember him, but they will clearly remember the white Golden Gate killer. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Personally I have a HIGH opinion of G.H.W. Bush. His performance during the Gulf War One were superb, without even the slightest degree of qualification. NO ONE could have done it better.