Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We Need Malawian Diversity! We Must Begin Importing Malawian Rapefugees, in Order to Save Them from the Vampires Plaguing Them!

Vigilante mobs have begun summarily executing people suspected of being ‘blood-sucking’ vampires, leading the UN to recall several staff members from both the Phalombe and Mulanje districts of Southern Malawi. Five people have been killed since mid-September
By Reader-Researcher RC
Mon, Oct 9, 2017 9:45 p.m.

At Russia Today.

N.S.: A sane person might say, “How do you separate Malawians deserving of protection from those who lynch people whom they claim were vampires?”

Silly rabbit! Rapefugee tricks are for kids.

The refugee racket has for years been premised on the search for the most evil, primitive people in the world, and bringing those people into America, in order to enrich the racketeers.

By the way, the only possible upside to this story has apparently been foiled, as U.N. vampires employed in Malawi have escaped justice.


Anonymous said...

A few items.
I had ESPN on for some info concerning todays baseball and instead heard the loudest,shrillest black woman in history--someone named Cari Champion.My God,she interrupted the white cohost constantly with a combination of a loud Oprah Winfrey voice and Joy Reid.A know it all--know nothing.
"What's you sayin' 'bout my Daahhhdgers?Let me tell you what I think..."
Next...there was a FOX program Sunday night around midnigh("The Revolution"?)that listed all the criminal behavior of NFL football players in the past few years--and a quote.
"Only 10% of the crimes NFL players commit are ever known publicly.We have a guy,called a "fixer",that makes these things go away."
Finally,in nearby Holland,Michigan yesterday,a 54 year old black career criminal stabbed his 37 year old GF to death.This was done "in a quiet neighborhood."My spidey sense is thinking that the victim might have been a white woman,but there has been no ID of the deceased in 24 hours.Police say they will release her identity some time today.Just from years of observation around here,it's more likely a black woman would kill a black guy then vice versa,but VERY likely a black guy will kill a white woman.We'll see later today.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Eternal Africa. Has been, is now, always will be.