Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quick Takes on the Media: Diversity on Parade, Diversity Suppressed

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 1:12:00 PM EDT

A few items.

I had ESPN on for some info, concerning today’s baseball, and instead heard the loudest, shrillest black woman in history—someone named Cari Champion. My God, she interrupted the white co-host constantly with a combination of a loud Oprah Winfrey voice and Joy Reid. A know it all--know nothing.

“What’s you sayin’ ‘bout my Daahhhdgers? Let me tell you what I think...”

Next... there was a FOX program Sunday night around midnight ("The Revolution"?) that listed all the criminal behavior of NFL football players in the past few years—and a quote.

“Only 10% of the crimes NFL players commit are ever known publicly. We have a guy, called a “fixer,” that makes these things go away.”

Finally, in nearby Holland, Michigan yesterday, a 54-year-old black career criminal stabbed his 37-year-old GF to death. This was done “in a quiet neighborhood.”

My spidey sense is thinking that the victim might have been a white woman, but there has been no ID of the deceased in 24 hours. Police say they will release her identity sometime today.

Just from years of observation around here, it’s more likely a black woman would kill a black guy than vice versa, but VERY likely a black guy would kill a white woman. We'll see later today.


Anonymous said...

Murdered woman Identified-finally,but not on all local news outlets.
HOLLAND, Mich. — Police have identified the woman stabbed to death Monday in Holland as Crystal Suzanne Latham.

Latham, 37, was found dead in the 200 block of W. 14th Street Monday afternoon.

Keith Williams, from Holland DPS
Authorities say her boyfriend, 56-year-old Keith Williams, was arrested in connection with the stabbing.

A state police trooper spotted Williams driving along US-31 at about 6:10 p.m. Monday evening. He was pulled over in the Family Fare parking lot on South Washington and arrested.

Williams is expected to be arraigned on murder charges Tuesday morning.
GRA:Sounds white to me,but I could be mistaken.
--GR Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

White woman confirmed as victim of stabbing by 54 year old black.There's a picture of her at the Holland Sentinel website.
(Holland Sentinel)
The Holland Department of Public Safety has identified Crystal Suzanne Latham, 37, as the victim of a stabbing homicide in Holland on Monday, Oct. 9.

Latham was stabbed at her home in the 200 block of West 14th Street around 1:36 p.m. Police originally responded to an unknown medical call at the location, finding Latham’s unresponsive body upon arrival. She was found with multiple stab wounds at the home.

Latham, who does not have family in the area, is a mother of three. Her two oldest children, Zephyr, 11, and Bella, 9, live with their father. Latham’s infant son, Caden, who is less than one year old, is in foster care.

Latham was enrolled in an art class called “Art Makes Change” through the Ottagan Addictions Recovery center, taught by volunteer Lisa Schulist from October of last year through this May.

“I have known Crystal for several years now,” Schulist told The Sentinel. “Crystal loved her children very much. She tried to see them when she could, as they did not live with her. She talked about them often.”

Latham’s family is in California, Schulist said. Schulist called Latham “resourceful during difficult times and strong-willed.”

Latham’s boyfriend and murder suspect Keith Williams, 56, fled from the scene in a silver 2000 Toyota 4Runner. Police considered Williams to be armed and dangerous. He was eventually caught by Michigan State Police at 6:10 p.m.

Trooper Steffon Mayhue spotted Williams’ vehicle northbound on US-31 just south of the city of Holland. Williams then entered the Family Fare parking lot on South Washington Avenue and Mayhue completed a traffic stop, backed up by Holland police officers.

Williams was taken into custody without incident and was lodged at the Ottawa County Jail. The Ottawa County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the case and filed a charge of open murder against Williams.

Holland police make statement on 14th Street homicide

Williams will be arraigned via a video feed from the jail at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 11 in front of Judge Bradley Knoll at the 58th District Court in Holland.

An open murder charge allows a jury to determine whether first-degree or second-degree murder is more appropriate. First-degree murder is premeditated, second-degree murder is not. Both charges carries a life sentence should Williams be convicted of the crime.

“The Holland Department of Public Safety extends its condolences to the family of the victim and to those impacted by this horrific event,” the department wrote in a press release.

Schulist said Latham would often mention her on-and-off boyfriend.

“He did not treat her well, yet she still found it in her heart to love him,” Schulist said. “I think she longed to be loved back and settled with this man.”

Williams is a registered tier three sex offender in the state of Michigan.

Williams has a criminal history that includes assault, failing to register as a sex offender, criminal sexual conduct, larceny, and disorderly fighting. He was charged with domestic violence in 1994, but the charge was dismissed. Most recently, Williams pleaded no contest to an assault or assault and battery charge, along with a charge of assaulting, battering or resisting a police officer from Sept. 7 of last year.

“She was a creative, artistic, free-spirited woman. (She was) independent, kindhearted and well-liked,” Schulist said of Latham. “She will be missed by those who knew her.”
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Of course it was a hate crime--a racist hate crime.Every one of these black male murders of white females is because of the utter contempt the blacks have for whites.Any white woman should be aware that there are no exceptions.The black man's only goal in getting involved with white women,is to get revenge,1st)against white men,by impregnating the white woman,thereby(from HIS viewpoint) humiliating the white male race in general...and
2nd)destroy the life of the white woman,who the black hates equally as much as he hates the white man.He destroys her life through drug addiction,domestic assault,constant philandering and finally death,as in this instance.
None of it matters to them--it's a game and a racewide effort to destroy whitey.White women be forewarned.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"My spidey sense is thinking that the victim might have been a white woman, but there has been no ID of the deceased in 24 hours."

37 year old white woman confirmed. With three children. Mudshark finds at bad end.

Anonymous said...
Link to the black murderer,Keith Williams,confessing in open court to killing white vic,Crystal Latham.
He's proud about remorse.
--GR Anonymous