Tuesday, May 02, 2017

University of Texas Police Chief: Good News! The Mass Hate Crime Knife Attacks and Murder by Kendrex White weren’t Part of a Planned Conspiracy; It was Just One Isolated Killer, Whom We Had Admitted to UT Under Affirmative Action, Knowing that He was a Black, Racist Psycho; Therefore, Everyone Can Now Relax… Until the Next Mass Attack by a Racist, Black Psycho


War crime victim Harrison Brown

[WEJB/NSU’s Files on the University of Texas and Kendrex White:

“University of Texas Student Newspaper Activist-‘Reporters’ Conspire on Facebook with Hate Crime Hoax Activists to Racially Stalk White Students and Sabotage Sorority and Fraternity Parties; One Hoax Activist Claims to Have UT Administrator as Co-Conspirator”;

“University of Texas Hoax Crimes Intended to Save Affirmative Action?”;

“University of Texas Hoax Crime Hysteria Aims at Racial Cleansing—No Pushback from Campus Republicans”;

“Kendrex White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about the "Random," Racist, University of Texas Bowie Knife Attacker”;

KVUE on Kendrex White’s War Crimes at the University of Texas”; and

“Affirmative Action Kills: Article on UT Austin Stabbings: What's Left Out.”]

Mug shot of war criminal Kendrex White: See how proudly he holds his head up? Classic war criminal carriage.

By Anonymous
Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 1:18:00 P.M. EDT

According to the most recent radio news at 11 A.M., the head of UT campus police just gave a “CYA” press conference, wherein he revealed that “We have solid evidence that this was not a planned conspiracy,” that the racist killer had “known mental health issues,” and been 'involuntarily committed' in another state. Wonderful.

So great was the desperation of the UT Austin admissions committee to add to the vibrancy of the student body, that they tossed any due-diligence obligations they had out the window: A standard background check would have revealed the hospitalization(s), and a real sit-down interview (did one even occur?) would indicate that this guy was a flake - scroll through his pics in the link. You're not talking about some adult-ed/community college branch of the UT system: this was the premier campus, UT at Austin.

Sending your kid to any college, anywhere, today is a complete crapshoot when anyone - even the violently mentally ill - can gain entry, just to satisfy campus complexion requirements.


The arrest of war criminal Kendrex White


Anonymous said...

Exactly.They are not individuals,but a group with the same mindset--blame whitey,kill whitey,kill police.Murder,burn,steal and assault.Deal drugs,go on welfare.Avoid work.Millions of blacks subscribe to this tenet of living.They agree with it.Even if they haven't committed all the acts yet,they can see why other blacks around the country would shoot a white person.Therefore,when the time comes that they feel they've been "discriminated against",slighted or the GF says the wrong thing,they have no problem
pulling the trigger themselves,on an innocent white.
This is what our country faces now--on an every day basis.President Trump?It's your move.Do not ignore this black terrorism.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"the racist killer had 'known mental health issues,' and been 'involuntarily committed' in another state"

Correct. CYA from law suits.