Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is Just an All-Around, Great Guy! He Supports Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens and the Racist, Cop-Killing, Terrorist Organization, #BlackLivesMatters, and Now Has been Charged by a Fourth Man of Paying Him for Sex


Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

By “W”

Leftist mayor who promotes Sanctuary for illegals and is pro-BLM is caught up in gay sex scandal. Hope it is all true.

Fourth Man Accuses of Paying Him for Sex The Seattle Times.


Anonymous said...

Look at the know its true.But it all ties together doesn't it?No moral fiber in many of the politicians in office.Many Democrat--also Republican of course are guilty of secret lowlife behavior.It's called a swamp for just this reason.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't believe how far Seattle has fallen under this guy. I used to be proud to show visitors around Seattle. One man from Taiwan said everything was so clean and beautiful--it was like a park. No more. Now tents, tarps, and piles of garbage are everywhere as bums are allowed to camp on the streets, under overpasses--anywhere there is space. The other day driving to Chinatown, my wife saw a woman defecating right next to the freeway. Seattle has become like some wretched third world hellhole. Just as you can tell where a bird's nest is by the white droppings on a cliff, you drive along the freeway and spot a pile of garbage--sure enough there is a tent set up nearby. One source claimed there are 10,000 people living on the streets and in abandoned buildings. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Seattle liberals are soiling their own nest.

MikeyBikey said...

And the problem is what?
He reneged on a promise to marry the guy?
He didn't pay the minimum wage of $15 an hour in socialist Seattle?
It should have been free - because the guy was an unlicensed contractor - and he paid?
The guy was really a transgendered female?
Come on.
I really don't get what the stink is all about.
IOW this sounds like more fakenews from the moron media to me.

jeigheff said...

Anonymous who commented on Seattle:

You probably have me beat, but a couple years ago, I saw a sight in south Austin, Texas, which I haven't been able to forget.

An older friend of mine from church needed some groceries, so he and I drove to the local H.E.B. The weather was very hot. As my friend and I drove away from the grocery store, we passed a bus stop where some folks were waiting. A very large lady sat there, wearing a short skirt and wearing no underpants as she wiped her brow in the misery of the heat. I did a double-take: I could not believe my eyes. But my eyes didn't deceive me. Almost unimaginable, but true.

Anonymous said...

So typical. I am sure in the Seattle area he will have a lot of Pink Mafia supporters.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Same thing happened in Portland OR, our last mayor, Charlie Hales, wanted to be a "progressive" hero and announced that it was unconstitutional to prevent people from sleeping on the streets.
This let the world know Portland was friendly to the homeless, even more so than it has been in the past, and it has always been very friendly, one of the results is panhandlers on every corner, just try to walk down the street without getting hit up for money. Good luck. People camping out in the open everywhere is the other result, you see their encampments on the hills as you travel on the highways, and in every nook and cranny they can pitch a tent in, they actually camp right out on the sidewalks now. The city did finally clamp down on sidewalk camping but they keep doing it anyways.
What's hilarious is that it wasn't enough, the homeless and their activist enablers decided the mayor wasn't doing enough for them and started camping out on Hales front lawn in Eastmoreland. to protest his lenient policies on the homeless. You know, give them and inch....It was poetic justice. Faced with a dose of actual reality, Hales made an about face and started enforcing the camping ordinances again. Unfortunately, while it reduced some of the more overt outdoor camping there are so many now it's almost impossible for the city to control. Unfortunately our current Mayor is cut from the same cloth, his name is Ted Wheeler and he thinks of himself as some kind of SJW also, both he and Hales declared Portland to be a sanctuary city. Not with my consent though, I didn't vote for either of those two assholes. Go here to get an idea of just how bad it is:

BTW I'm not completely unsympathetic with homeless. Some of them are regular people who have had some recent bad luck, some have had difficult lives and have not been as fortunate as me or most other people, or maybe they have mental issues they have no control over (as long as they don't hurt anyone else I sympathize with them) and just need a hand up or maybe some kind of specialized care, but the junkies, criminal types, lazy jerks that leave their garbage strewn everywhere and those that do harm to others I have no sympathy for whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

"leave their garbage strewn everywhere "

In San Fran Freako public urination and defecation. And no toilet paper either.

MikeyBikey said...

"And no toilet paper either."

Socialists don't need toilet paper.
They just used other people's money.

The constitution?
It's been burned just like used TP in Mexico.