Thursday, May 11, 2017

Man Pleads Guilty to Brutal Murder of 73-Year-Old Woman in Montgomery County

By Prince Charles County Ex-Pat

Wheaton, Maryland, used to be a lily-white, working-class community. It was very safe, as well.



Anonymous said...

Related Grand Rapids news:
Police are on the lookout for a Mexican male that drove his car into a utility pole around 11pm last night and ran from the scene.The pole was knocked into the busy street nearby (Division).
The driver decided to hightail it,leaving his badly injured passenger (a fellow Mex)in the car to die.
His picture,but not his name have been released.Police say,"There's no use in giving out a name,because of the fact that he has 6 aliases."
Police say he should not be confronted.
Kalamazoo reported a 39 year old black was arrested for kidnapping a 13 year old girl at a bus stop today.The girl was taken to his house,where she was raped,until--get this--his wife came home unexpectedly.The black rapist threw the teen into a closet,where she called police on her cellphone.
Black neighbors interviewed by TV8 about the perp said,"He would never do that."
Not again anyways.
No word or guess if the victim was black or white.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The characteristic signature of the hate filled colored criminal. Attacks on the white elderly.