Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Get Your Weekly Multicultural Wrap Right Here!

By Nicholas Stix

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
You may remember the comment I posted about how our local government loves to toot it's horn with "diversity hires" in high level position. Usually, it's a disaster. Donyall Dickey, an Atlanta school administrator was being considered the front runner for the Portland head educator job, there was the usual hoopla and photo ops with him and smiling cherubs but it's (thankfully) gone south. The school board released this statement:

"Board members' objections to high-ranking Atlanta school administrator Donyall Dickey, whose instructional bona fides were never called into question, boiled down to his honesty and accountability, two board members said. Those concerns were serious enough that board members decided they would rather go a time without a permanent Portland superintendent than award the job to him, they said".

An investigation into his background revealed these:

Dickey, 43, was arrested for "theft by check" of a minor amount of money when he was in his early 20s, court records show.

"I screwed up as a kid 23 years ago when I bounced a check," he told the The Tribune explaining he bounced a check as a first-generation college student. "I made full restitution."

Court records also how he failed to pay his homeowner's association in Maryland on two occasions and had to have his wages garnished and lien placed on his home before he settled his debts. That may have also given the district pause. The homeowner association went after Dickey in small claims court in 2005 and again in 2008 for refusing to pay a combined $3,200 in fees.

Maryland court records also show two citations, three months apart in 2006, for driving with a suspended driver's license".

OK, not exactly capital crimes but if he didn't disclose this information to the school board then there's a certain degree of dishonesty he's carried with him to his current point in life. I picked up on red flags just reading about this guys background and the way he was selling himself but the school board needed a background check to realize he wasn't the stand up guy he portrayed himself as. Plenty of times in the past they haven't done due diligence in the frenzy to "diversify" government positions with negroes, but fortunately this time they did. You could call this dodging an (expensive) bullet.

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read that the incumbant douchebag mayor of Seattle will not run again because of recent sex charges by gays?