Thursday, May 04, 2017

After Determining that 95% of Indian-Trained Computer Engineers are Incompetent and Overpaid, Indian Body Shop Giant Infosys Agrees to Hire American Engineers

By “W”

NYT on Indian Engineers

The lead story in the New York Times national edition Business Day for Wednesday, May 3, is worth tracking down: “In Turnabout, Indian Outsourcing Company Promises U.S. Jobs,” by Vindu Goel and Paul Mozur (p. B1,6). They report that in the wake of threats by Trump to “to take action against companies he sees as hurting American workers” Infosys, one of the major Indian outsourcing companies, is promising to hire up to 10,000 Americans to serve U.S.-based clients. The fourth paragraph reveals the following:

“Its home base of India has become a less appealing place to do the grunt work of programming as wages rise there and skilled labor has become more difficult to find. A study of 36,000 engineering students at 500 Indian colleges released last month found that only 5 percent could write software code correctly.”


Anonymous said...

When they say a college or university in India they don't mean the same thing those words mean here. Sabu and Babu have been fooling everyone for a long time.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I wonder what percentage can write and read English correctly. Judging from my experience with call centers outsourced to the land of Raj, not many.