Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Affirmative Action Kills: Article on UT Austin Stabbings: What's Left Out


War criminal Kendrex White

LIVE: University of Texas Austin responds to stabbing

The perp is from Killeen, Texas.

Killeen has lots of blacks. Many of the blacks have had family in Killeen for generations.

But some of the blacks are associated with nearby Fort Hood.


Fort Hood - Wikipedia.

"Fort Hood is a U.S. military post located in Killeen, Texas. The post is named after Confederate General John Bell Hood. It is located halfway between Austin and Waco ..."

Is the perp's father in the Army?

If so, then this explains the guy's "Bowie knife."

Also, should he even have been a student at UT Austin?

The untold story here in Texas is the one about "brain drain."

The best and brightest students in Texas are not accepted to UT Austin and Texas A&M, thanks to the so-called "Texas Top Ten Percent Law."

[Yet another monstrosity for which we can thank the Bushes.]

Brain drain: States that lose the most college students ...

New Jersey [!] exported the most college freshmen in 2008, with a net loss of 27,343. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania had a net gain of 14,341 students.


Anonymous said...

If you read his 2016 tweet,he's obviously giving indications of brain malfunction then.His thoughts are not a secret,but does anyone inform anyone that this guy is in need of a strait jacket?A doctor?That's what he'll be playing with his future cellmate(let's call his roomie,Felonious Monk).
The crazy blacks are not going to report another crazy black to the authorities BEFORE he does something criminal--on general principle.They don't give info AFTER a murder--so we can't expect anything there.
So it should be another 12 hrs before we hear about another one of these.Normal,expected behavior now with the darkies-on a daily basis.
Black terrorism is all you can call it.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

At this time here in the US blacks are the greatest terrorist threat that exists. They are homegrown. There are not enough jails and prisons to hold them, there are so many. American city after city has surrendered to them as well as universities, political offices, schools, and some states. Trump has not even been a bump in the road to oblivion as pertains to Whites. What happened to Trump's law and order promise?

Anonymous said...

According to the most recent radio news @ ~ 11 AM, the head of UT campus police just gave a 'covering my ass' press conference wherein he revealed that 'we have solid evidence that this was not a planned conspiracy', that he had 'known mental health issues', and been 'involuntarily committed' in another state. Wonderful.
So great was the desperation of the UT Austin admissions committee to add to the vibrancy of the student body, that they tossed any due-diligence obligations they had out the window: a standard background check would have revealed the hospitalization(s), and a real sitdown interview (did one even occur?) would indcate that this guy was a flake - scroll through his pics in the link. You're not talking about some adult-ed/community college branch of the UT system: this was the premiere campus, UT at Austin.
Sending your kid to any college, anywhere today is a complete crapshoot when anyone - even the violently mentally ill - can gain entry, just to satisfy campus complexion requirements.