Monday, December 05, 2016

The Michael Slager Trial

By Mitchell Day

MISTRIAL! A new report says that a MAJORITY of the jurors were undecided. A rumor reported on Fox News is that the prosecution MAY drop the murder charge and only retry him on the manslaughter charge.

N.S.: From 11-1 voting to convict, with one white juror “undecided”; to the judge trying to throw the white holdout off the jury panel; to it being the lone back juror demanding the purge; to the white holdout saying he will never be moved to vote for conviction; to the majority of jurors (i.e., at least seven) being “undecided” (i.e., for acquittal), these different stories cannot all have been true, even at the times they were reported. Some people have been lying about what is going on in the jury room, in order to manipulate the public, and the jurors themselves.


David In TN said...

So it wasn't 11-1 for conviction as we were told?

Douglas said...

As of this morning the big three are running stories showing the black guy running away while the officer guns down the "innocent" black man. I finally had to change the channel to Velocity and get away from the news. They are doing their best to stoke outrage. They are animated pointing out the "injustice" because of the white jurors.

Brian Lee said...

Does this mean that Mr. Slager has to remain in jail until the next (if any) trial, or does he have to wait in jail until the next trial?

Anonymous said...

It is going to take several days before the rioting begins?

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court standard is that a fleeing felon can be shot if in the opinion of the officer at the scene according to reasonable judgment that fleeing felon represents a further danger to society. Scott had already tried to kill Slager [whether Scott realized it or not when he used the taser]. Therefore the officer at the scene did act in a reasonable manner. Anyone disagree?