Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mass Murder in Chicago: Quadruple Fatal Shooting Marked Third Mass Shooting in Chiraq in Less than 24 Hours By

By Reader-Researcher RC

4 dead, 2 wounded in shootings including attack outside ...

"At least five ambulances were being sent to the scene of a multiple shooting Saturday afternoon on the South Side in the Fernwood neighborhood."


Chicago guy said...

The year is not out yet so no telling how many they'll rack up by then. It's around 770 homicides now. This pretty much blows the weather theory of black homicide whereby hot temperatures are said to cause the rate to spike. It's cold here right now. A new theory is in order.

Anonymous said...

Over in the Roseland area. Used to be Dutch area with all homes immaculate and almost no crime. Gone for a long time now. Sorta like parts of NYC used to be. New Amsterdam and all that.

Anonymous said...

OH, I forgot. Roseland where the shootings occurred is where President Obama did his community organizing. He was an expert at organizing evidently.

Anonymous said...

A follow-up on a previous black bf/ white gf crime in Grand Rapids last January,Jermaine Cooper was sentenced by the judge to 60-100 years for murdering Melissa Moore on a city street.
It was witnessed by sanitation workers early in the morning.Too bad Cooper can't be dumped like trash,instead of taken care of by the taxpayers of Michigan for the next many years.
--GR Anonymous