Friday, February 05, 2016

Why Does TurboTax Think White Men are Stupid?


Physicist S. James Gates Jr. explains to a dumb white guy how to use TurboTax.

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

The black detective [female] in charge of the whitey cops who are dolts.

The black doctor in the emergency treating the whitey patients the whitey interns do not know how to treat.

The black mathematician solving the most incredible equations the whitey mathematicians cannot solve.

The black computer hacker able to circumvent all the protections of a network put into place by the whitey IT guys.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams Anonymousblack--most likely while you're in your prison cell.

Anonymous said...

Temper-pedic had a nice commercial this morning that made me choke on my coffee.The Weather Channel was on and I see a white woman and a black guy sitting on a bed/jumping on a bed and kissing and hugging on a Temper-pedic bed.All I could think about was how this showed a stupid white woman and gave other white women a horrible wink to do the same.Black men don t respect white women--and eventually will make their lives hell on earth.I think about the Jermaine Cooper/Melanie Moore love gone wrong here in GR.By the way the pretrial started this week.Turned out she blocked him from calling her---said she didn t love him and he killed her.Within a half hour he apologized to her kids on Facebook for killing her.Put that on TV Temper-pedic.

Anonymous said...

Seing this trend in commercials either in print or film. the smart young black woman always one ups the white woman who is very polite, older than her and appears clueless. The message is that white people are nice but stupid. Blacks are so much more clever and streetwise. Therefor it's fine to take advantage of and screw over whites.

It's a trend. I'm tired of seeing black faces in ads on buses and trains, newspapers. Am tired of the fake hair, extremely bizarre colors twisted into real hair. I have to ask myself WTF is that?

Notice that if it's a so called diverse ad on public transportation, there's no white men or white women. There will be an absence of either sex of a white person.

And in real life, am seeing more trannies being hired at corporate type jobs. They are white but get the jobs over white women because they are white trannies. What is wrong with all of this?
Whites are being forced into a second class citizen status.

Will be happy the day the Obamas are out of the White House.

Anonymous said...

Insurance commercials are totally into the "white stupidity" thing.Who the f**k built this country?It wasn t blacks.But who will destroy it?Blacks and Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

I forgot. The black symphonic orchestra conductor explaining the finer points of classical music to dumb white rubes from West Virginia.