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High Noon (1952): Soundtrack Suite (Dimitri Tiomkin), with a Little Somethin' Extra

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[Hear, in an even grander vein:

“Dimitri Tiomkin’s Epic Score to the Classic Howard Hawks/John Wayne/Montgomery Clift Western, Red River, in 38 Tracks! (Videos)”; and

“Classic TV Western Themes from Bonanza, Rawhide [by Dimitri Tiomkin], Wagon Train and The Rifleman, with Pics of Young Clint Eastwood, Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker, Chuck Connors, John McIntire and the Great Ward Bond, Presented Without Commercial Interruption!”]

What follows is my comment at youtube, to Frederik Riesberg, aka SoundtrackFred:

Thanks yet again, Fred. This upload is not only up to your usual high standards, but it offers a little somethin' extra, in being the actual run-through, with Tiomkin's voice on the tape. I know you're an old Tiomkin man from way back, but I never was. However, after having played your upload of Rio Bravo numerous times; seeing Red River with my boy two-and-a-half weeks ago (42 years after I'd seen it for the first time, on The Late Show), and obsessively listening to its score ever since; and coming back to this score, I find myself coming around.

Published on Mar 17, 2013

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1952). Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin, Lyrics by Ned Washington. Vocals by Tex Ritter.

Please note that the rights belong to the owner. I do not own anything, except the recording. Support the publishing company by buying the product, if possible, to get the full listening experience. Enjoy!

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Music Awards:
- Academy Award - Best Original Score
- Academy Award - Best Song (Do Not Forsake Me)

-00:00 = "Main Title" ('Do Not Forsake Me' - Vocal by Tex Ritter)
-02:32 = "They've Pardoned Frank Miller"
-04:39 = "About Frank Miller"
-06:29 = "Herb's Ready"
-07:41 = "Stable Brawl"
-09:22 = "Two Minutes To Twelve"
-10:52 = "First Shots Fired"
-13:24 = "Frank Miller Shot / Finale"

Music Source:
Screen Archives Entertainment SAE-CRS-018

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