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San Francisco PD Seeks to Cover Up Black Hate Crime Spree

San Francisco hate crime spree suspect

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What the hell kind of animal does this?
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SAN FRANCISCO -- Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man that brutally beat and helped rob a woman and may have attacked others early Sunday after the city's "Pink Saturday" Pride weekend event.

The attack is not believed to have been a hate crime, police said.

[The attack most certainly was a hate crime. The SFPD is speaking in code, letting us know, ‘Well, she was a white heterosexual, so she doesn’t count.’]

Around 1:50 a.m., the woman was approached by a group of men and women along Market Street between Castro Street and Civic Center, according to San Francisco police. The group pushed the woman to the ground and took unspecified belongings.

In a video provided by police, the woman struggles to stand up as the group walks away. As one man passes her, he turns and viciously kicks her in the face.

Police said the kick left the woman, who lives in the Central Valley, unconscious; she was recovering at her home Friday night, according to San Francisco police Ofc. Albie Esparza.

Esparza said investigators believe the group of suspects may have committed at least one other robbery and assault in the same area that evening. There may have been even more attacks that went unreported, police say.

Police distributed a witness description of the suspects immediately after the assault, and officers detained a man and two women a short time later near Market Street and Van Ness Avenue, Esparza said. The three people were positively identified by an eyewitness after they were detained, he added.

Police are declining to release those suspect's names or photos, or any descriptions of the other suspects, while the investigation continues.

Anyone with information on the incident should contact the department's Mission Station Investigation Team at 415-558-5400. Anonymous tips can be left at 415-575-4444 or sent via text message to TIP411 with SFPD at the beginning of the message.

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Thomas K. said...

The sad thing is, this is San Francisco so 10-1 the victim and her friends and parents will feel they have to do more to atone to the black community for white privilege since obviously, if poor black children are going around doing things like this, then we must do alot more to help them. As if a half century of whites bending over backwards for them and living as second class citizens has not led simply to them feeling more emboldened to behave this way.

Anonymous said...

Every time you hear police say: "It's not believed to be a hate crime" You KNOW it was a hate crime and the perps were black. Never fails. Have you ever known of an incident of white on black violence where the police immediately declare "It's not believed to be a hate crime". Then it's always: "We're investigating to determine if it was a racial bias incident". This is all clearly designed to deflect the racist criticism they would receive from afroracists and their white lapdogs for honestly investigating racist black on white crimes, every time I see this it causes me to lose respect for police more and more. Jerry

Jackson said...

Funny how Oprah doesn't find modern day brutality like this to be as heartwrenching as an African American being lynched 90 years ago. Couldn't possibly be any racism there, could it? And frankly, if you look into lynchings (which is never done by the powers that be) you tend to find mobs acting to create their own justice when the courts fail- blacks who got away with raping a white, etc. There were white lynch victims as well, but you never hear about that.

Anonymous said...

SHOCK VIDEO Shows Horrible Racial Beating [of white student] on FL School Bus

Media censored the race of the victim in brutal Florida school bus mob beating

Anonymous said...

Your average street cop in any sizeable American city is very aware of and very familiar with black crime and dysfunction. They have to keep their mouths shut.

The problem is the police leadership.They are simply politicians with badges.