Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eloi at Salon: A Reader Writes

Posted by Nicholas Stix

[N.S.: I did not write the following letter, and pretend that it came from a reader. However, seeing as I was thinking about “Eloi” (and thus about Lawrence Auster) just a day or two ago, and about how it might be impossible for America to ever win another real war, the writer may have read my mind.

In case you think I’ve gone balmy in the equatorial heat, I engage in mind-reading all the time. I’ll be watching a Mets game, and I’ll respond to a play or pitch, with “X Y X,” and seconds later, Gary Cohen or Ron Darling will say, “X Y Z.” I’ve been listening intently to these guys for about 10 years. And it’s not because they’re cliché machines. They’re great, but I know them.

Likewise, in the Stix house, people finish each other’s sentences all the time. I have people who have been reading me for 20 years, going back to my Chronicles days.

Dear admired writers,

I just arrived home from a drive spent listening to NPR (please consider it snooping behind enemy lines) and heard an interview with a guy who personifies the very concept of Eloi. Here's the article referred to throughout the interview, though I have no plans to invest more time in it:

And here's a stream of the interview I heard:

When I listen to a guy like this, I begin to wonder if the U.S. could ever again win another war, let alone expecting him to safeguard his own neighborhood.


Keep up the great work, everybody.

[N.S.: I virtually never publish the names of friendlies, even when they don’t say not to. I often have to save my readers from themselves. This reader addressed me in the plural, because he wrote to me and four colleagues.]


AnalogMan said...

"What I learned fron getting shot".


Anonymous said...

"I begin to wonder if the U.S. could ever again win another war"

Never. We won the Vietnam War, but it was declared unwinable, Nixon was impeached because the Powers hated him, and then the won Vietnam War was declared lost by a "newscaster", a very appropriate word, and that was that. Make sense?

Anonymous said...

I listened to this and got angry. Maybe he wants to get shot again? This man sounds deranged to me. Where is his self preservation instincts?
This kind of reporting, interviews it's mere brainwashing to make ups not protect ourselves. This kind of attitude id very dangerous. As if only our betters, our superiors are going to protect us from violence. I wanted to scream, "wake up you douche bag, wake up!!"
What I learned after surviving a hurricane and knowing my close neighbors from a nearby housing project were looting, robbing and harming other neighbors is self preservation first. The majority of the looters were black with one or two whites or Hispanics thrown in for equal opportunity.