Thursday, December 08, 2011

Google Celebrates the 125th Birthday of Diego Rivera



Google's Picture of the Day is One of Rivera's Many Unsightly Murals

The Crude, Third-Rate Artist Owes Much of his Fame, in Life and Death, to being a Communist Who Fanatically Supported the Totalitarian Movement That Murdered 200 Million People, and Ruined the Lives of Over 1 Billion More


[See previously on Rivera, at WEJB/NSU:


"New Republic Art Critic Jed Perl: Hitler, Bad; Lenin, Good."]




The Uprising: A devoted mother would naturally want to risk her baby's life, by taking him down to where she is going to fight with soldiers. And look at how beautiful Rivera makes the Mexicans look!







El Vendedor de Alcatraces (Flower Seller)






Faceless Aztecs (my title)




The Beautiful People Dancing (My title; did Rivera go out of his way to make Mexicans look ugly? I guess they were more fortunate when he left them faceless.)




In the artistic highlight of his life, Rivera addresses the Mexican Communist Party in 1956






Political Animals (My title.) This picture, which is one of his prettier

ones, clearly served some subtle propaganda purpose. (Note the

swastika inside the flag in the left background.) Normally, I would

research the history behind such symbolism, but it's Diego Rivera,

for cryin' out loud! I might as well study the symbolic wellsprings of

Nazi art.






Portrait of Natasha Gelman, with those flowers again. At least, he didn't make her look ugly.








Nude with the same damned lilies! He sure got his money's worth.



This is the only painting I could find of Rivera's that evinces any sort of stylistic grandeur. He clearly spent much time studying the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and Hieronymous Bosch, before giving up on art.


Anonymous said...

When are psudo-intellectuals going to stop shoving bad art in our faces as if it were praiseworthy? If the people at Google want to be communist, then why don't they give their millions of dollars to the proletariat? The American people are tired of this garbage.

Nicholas said...

I agree with everything you said, save for the word "millions." It's billions.

Anonymous said...

Just because you think the mexicans look ugly, or you hate communism, doesnt make it "bad art". Diego Rivera was an important man historically. This ART shows a significant movement in the worlds history, and just because it depicts communism does not make you expert enough to trash it. Because Google supports art history, and simply the history of man doesn't make them a biggoted company, it makes them worldy. A concept which I am quite sure you will never grasp.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your views are so limited, and of course, you are entitled to exercise the First Amendment. I regret to have found you.