Saturday, February 15, 2020

NYPD Safety Officer Arrested for “Assault” for being a Good Mother

By Nicholas Stix

I’ve often told anyone who would listen, and many people who probably didn’t care to hear it, that if I had a daughter, I would not have needed to get involved in disciplining her. The Boss takes after her late ma, may she rest in peace, in her old school approach toward girls. If our daughter got out of line, including wearing slutty clothing, The Boss would have given her a good beating, and then handed her the phone and dared her, “Here, call Child Welfare!” (The flip side of the coin is that, as an Indian mother, The Boss spoils our son. If he is to be disciplined, I must do it. Years ago, one of my beautiful nieces handed me a photo album. Of app. 50 pictures, only two were of her. When I finished looking through it and looked up, she wryly answered my unasked question, “I was adopted.”)

“NYPD Safety Officer Charged with Assaulting Daughter for Breaking Curfew,” reads the headline.

Usually, when I read of such an incident, such as the Texas judge who gave his pilfering daughter a beating for illegally downloading movies, and whose daughter ran to the cops, I figure he hadn’t beaten her enough when she was younger, and that the lawman who wished he could have arrested the judge was some kind of “gay,” New Age Texan. And since the daughter had conveniently had a video recorder set up to record the beating, it was also a case of ‘Witch set me up.’

But this is a case of a Hispanic-sounding, working-class security guard, who surely would not have been giving her unruly daughter her first beating.

Now, the mother is in danger of losing her job, and the daughter must be clucking in “victory.” Mom has to throw her out of the house. The girl is an adult, in the eyes of the law, and Mom has done her best, but the girl has gone wrong, and used the Rule of Crime against her own mother. She is a stranger, an enemy.

NYPD Safety Officer Charged with Assaulting Daughter for Breaking Curfew
By Ruth Weissmann
February 15, 2020 | 10:04a.m.
New York Post

An off-duty NYPD school safety officer was busted after attacking her 18-year-old daughter for staying out too late on Valentine’s Day, police sources said Saturday.

Norys Dolmo, 40, allegedly whacked her daughter on the arm and hand with a wooden piece of window blinds after the girl returned home past curfew Friday night, sources said.

Dolmo was taken into custody at about 11:30 p.m. and charged with assault, according to authorities.

Her daughter was not seriously injured, they said.

Dolmo makes $46,737 annually with the NYPD, online records show.

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