Saturday, February 15, 2020

Just Doin' the Incest that Americans Won't Do: 17-Year-Old Confessed to Raping 11-Year-Old Relative 100 Times until She Gave Birth in the Bathtub

Sat, Feb 15, 2020 10:54 p.m.
Gonzalez-Lopez told investigators he was unaware that the 11-year-old girl was pregnant or that his son was having sex with her. He said he only found out about the alleged rapes after she gave birth to the baby in a bathtub.

"Boy Confesses to Raping 11-Year-Old Relative 100 Times, before She Gave Birth"

Boy, 17, 'confessed to raping 11-year-old relative about 100 times before she gave birth' | Daily Mail Online
A 17-year-old teen has been charged with incest and rape after Missouri police said he confessed to having sex with an 11-year-old relative who then gave birth to their child in a bathtub. Norvin ...

Rest assured the MSM will never speak the truth about Hispanic family values in this case. Once again I have to read a British tabloid to get American news.

Just doin' the incest that Americans won't do.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Did you know that Trump is now responsible for bullying in school? That according to the Washington Post in an article chock full of anecdotal stories and supposed statistics that proves there is an epidemic of MAGA fueled bullying going on among schoolkids. How can you argue with anecdotal stories anyways? Of course that's why they tell them, you can't, it would be "hurtful" to suggest those little angels might lie or exaggerate.
This is the ultimate "Trump's rhetoric encourages racists" or any kind of rhetoric that isn't leftist "encourages racist acts of violence", a connection that there is no proof of, just something liberals say to shut people up who might actually be telling truth. I have another perspective: Very young proto race hoaxers have been observing that lies of older hucksters get front page media coverage and have figured out how to get in on the action to turn themselves into martyrs. This is all done while ignoring the vast amount of sexual & racist violence against whites perpetrated by negro's and Muslim alien invaders (many of whom are adult men masquerading as children) in our school system. By far the worse and most violent bullies in school age children are negro's and their victims are disproportionately white, that is an uncomfortable truth that will never be reported by the media.

Anonymous said...

To get the Mex population up to a level where there's more Mex than white in the USA,the Mex men decided they had to have sex with daughters,cousins,sisters--anyone in childbearing age--make them all pregnant--all the time.With this plan,in 20 years,America should be mostly Mex and black.
Negroes have a different M.O.--not as much incest,but more unprotected sex with neighborhood women.When all else fails,rape a whitey female.
You never hear about black guys raping black women though do you(except when black serial killers attack black hookers)?I just thought of that at this moment--pretty rare.I guess you don't have to rape the willing--and black women are willing.They'd better put out,or they know the negro BF will go find himself a whitey woman.


Anonymous said...

and if the boy would have been using a condom, this could have gone on indefinitely. Or until CPS and the welfare people would not have noticed; say by age 15 with a spic.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bush told us that these "good-hearted folks" have "family values [which] don't stop at the Rio Grande."

Anonymous said...

"We do this in the old country and no one minds."

And Nicholas is right. You need to read the English tabloids to find out about this stuff. Always.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Child bride marriage rates in Mexico have changed little in modern times:
Surprisingly, that article is from NPR, a notoriously liberal media source that usually tries to excuse or ignore non white bad behavior. According to the article between 20 & 25 percent of women say they married as children but I have to wonder how many who say they didn't are even telling the truth, after all, they might be protecting the fathers of their children. I suspect the rates are much higher and marriage rates also don't tell us how many were sexually abused by adult men. If it's OK to marry a 12 year old girls then, even if it's technically illegal in Mexico, why is it not OK to have sex with them? That mentality in hispanic men is proven by the astronomically high rates of child sex abuse among hispanics.

Anonymous said...

It was a cousin. That's not incest. And F**king them young is a hispanic method for getting the cherry. Can't wait much longer, as orcettes are born breeders. Just a typical jungle romance. There's a reason their great 'civilizations' practiced temple birth control. They breed like roaches, and without a constant stream of state liquidation the society would run out of food. So the Aztecs, Olmecs, etc invented Soylent Brown. When you extrapolate 11 year old breeders across an urban megalopolis, that's a lot of orclettes to feed. The Romans had bread and circuses, Mesoamericans had ritual slaughter and cannibalism. All about keeping it real an sheeit, eh vato?