Saturday, December 07, 2019

Six Saudi Jihadis are Arrested over Pensacola Naval Base Shooting, Including Three Who FILMED the Attack by Countryman

By R.C.
Fri, Dec 6, 2019 10:49 p.m.

Six Saudis are arrested over Pensacola naval base shooting including three who FILMED the attack by countryman who killed three and wounded eight before being shot dead - as FBI probes terror link

R.C.: WTF?

Were they channeling the Saudis who were caught (and released) at Ground Zero?

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Douglas said...

We are training them here a Eglin right next door to Pensacola NAS mostly because we want them to buy the F35. But hey who believes our government really cares about the people? It’s all about the money. I am just waiting to see which general officer is the first to state our wonderful our diversity is and how much more we must work now to keep the barbarians within our military.

I drive through the Eglin gate almost everyday. I have done so for 29 years. The military does not look like it did just 10 years ago. I see girls guarding the gate with M16s on their shoulders and the barrel damn near drags the ground. I have watched blax set in the gate shack holding up traffic with their nonchalant attitude. I have seen black women on the gate whose ass was so big you could set a drink on it.

They send us to classes to help recognize a potential shooter, then send us back to the office where a Black Muslim sets at his desk never talking with anyone just like a typical shooter we were told about, but if someone mentions him you will be fired as a civilian or contractor, or sent to further education if you are a military member.

Our military is becoming a damn woke joke.