Friday, December 06, 2019

It’s Just Like Probation for Black Felons—It Doesn’t End Until You Murder Someone: While White Cops Get Fired over Bupkus, Black Cop Commits Violent Crimes but Gets to Keep His Job

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 6:04:00 P.M. EST

Black Cop Gets Special “Minority Treatment” after Off-Duty Incident

GRA: Check out the video of the nigs fighting. This is all at

BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kent County sheriff’s deputy is back on the job and was never criminally charged after throwing punches and pulling a loaded gun during an off-duty brawl in a crowded mobile home park, then repeatedly lying about it to deputies from his own department, according to records obtained by Target 8.

“A bunch of guys out here, they’re fighting,” a 911 caller told dispatchers. “Now they’re throwing bottles all over the place. Some guy just had a frickin’ gun. There’s kids out here playing.”

Deputy Kenyatta Weaver Jr., 25, who joined the department about three years ago, was not arrested that night, even though a responding deputy told him he likely would be and that he could face a felony charge.

Weaver was later suspended without pay for four weeks and is now under a “last-chance” agreement, sheriff’s officials said. He has returned to duty as a patrol deputy.

“He’s definitely in the wrong profession,” said Michael Svoboda, who witnessed the brawl and captured it on cellphone video. “He’s there to serve and protect and de-escalate problems, not start them.”

He said he provided a copy of the video to sheriff’s investigators. He had no idea one of the combatants was an off-duty deputy until Target 8 told him. Svoboda also captured video of when deputies caught up with Weaver.

“There were children out there playing,” Svoboda said. “That’s where our park is for the kids. There was nothing out but kids out that day, playing.”

**Editor’s note: Audio has been removed from the video of the fight due to profanity.


The brawl broke out on June 8 in the Maplewood Mobile Home Park near South Division Avenue and 68th Street in Byron Township.

The off-duty deputy, wearing a white tank top and blue Nike shorts, had shown up with three other men at the home of a relative who was kicking out her ex-boyfriend, reports show.

“I shoved my kids in the house and got them inside,” a 911 caller told dispatchers. “There’s so many people out here right now.”

“Is the weapon on him right now?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yeah, I heard him load the weapon,” the caller answered.

Neighbors told deputies that the ex-boyfriend had been there twice earlier in the day and had threatened the woman.

Cellphone video, taken after the gun was put away, shows one of the men with the off-duty deputy smashing what appears to be bottles in the street. The bottles were among the ex-boyfriend’s belongings.

The video shows the same man with the deputy throwing the first punch at the ex-boyfriend, followed by a punch thrown by the deputy, who then chased the ex-boyfriend around a parked vehicle. The deputy threw at least one other punch. The ex-boyfriend punched back.

The fight lasted about 30 seconds.

When deputies arrived with flashing overhead lights, they spotted a silver car in front of a mobile home.

According to a report: “The silver car speeds away from the scene and the deputies continue after it. The deputies close the distance and the vehicle comes to a stop and then continues for a short distance” before stopping.

They ordered the four men out of the car, one at a time, at gunpoint next to the mobile home park’s playground, according to reports.

Dashcam video obtained by Target 8 through a public records request shows responding deputies recognized the driver.

“You know who that is, right?” a deputy said. “It’s Kenyatta.”

GRA: Now, not only do whites get fired for minor incidents vs. blacks, but the blacks get special treatment when THEY commit crimes that whites would be fired for.

N.S.: The massive police reforms that were widespread, beginning in the 1930s, entailed doing rigorous background checks, and psychological, physical, and integrity testing, in order to keep people like Kenyatta Weaver Jr. out of law enforcement. Now, in the age of affirmative action, departments instead reach out to the Kenyatta Weaver Jrs. Of the world, and then cover for him, when he commits crimes. The Kent County Sheriff’s Office is leaving itself open to massive lawsuits, when this guy does his thing in uniform. The KCSO is also going to destroy professionalism within its ranks by keeping a cancer like Weaver in its ranks.

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GRA:Will white cops keep their jobs as blackie did in Grand Rapids area?
BALTIMORE(FOX 17 NEWS) — Police are investigating after social media video has many in the city — including city council members — questioning an officer's use of force while making an arrest.

The video, posted by Tray Smith, is 45 seconds long and starts when the officers are already on top of the suspect, asking him to put his hands behind his back.

The man in the video is 23-year-old David Dixon. In the video, Dixon tells officers that they're choking him as others scream in the background.

Police have charged Dixon with felony drug possession, trespassing and resisting arrest.

Online court records show that the arresting officer is named Leon Riley(white). Police say Riley was taken to the hospital following the incident with bite wounds.

It's unclear what happened in the moments leading up to the video.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott retweeted the video and said he would be personally follow up with Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison as more details come to light.