Monday, January 05, 2015

Countering Mother Jones’ Lies About Mass Shooters

By Jerry (PDX)

I got embroiled in a debate with an Afroracist re subject of serial killers, needless to say he was utterly predictable and kept resorting to name-calling and trying to switch the subject, when I confronted him with actual facts.

One tactic was to change the subject to mass/spree killers, in which he claimed it was absolute fact that it's all white men ("everybody" knows it - everybody = racist blacks!). He sent me a link to a Mother Jones article that purported to list all mass shooters since 1982. According to the article 62 mass shootings were committed in that time period. As I scanned through the list I immediately noted a number of glaring omissions, I also noted that the omissions were virtually all non-white shooters. Well, this is Mother Jones so we can't be too surprised at that though the article does preface right at the beginning with this:
“There have been at least 69 in the last three decades—and most of the killers got their guns legally.”

Then below that it states this:
Here is a timeline of the 62 mass shootings in the United States, from 1982 through 2012.

This is one of those mealy-mouthed, deceptive, liberal manipulations that make you want to scream. If I were to point out that there were missing names on the list, they would probably say: Well, we did say there were actually 69 not 62, so left ourselves some wiggle room in terms of accuracy.

Then, if I pointed out the names omitted were all non-white shooters, they would undoubtedly say: “You're a racist.”

Yeah, I know the drill, though there are actually more than seven missing mass shooter names, so it's still inaccurate.

I compiled a list of non-white mass shooters since 1982, names of shooters that would have made the Mother Jones’ list much more “multicultural,” and being the liberal black crime apologist rag that it is, it couldn't have that. The Mother Jones list did include black mass shooters: Colin Ferguson, James Edward Pough and Maurice Clemmons and some Asian/Latino shooters but only one black shooter was pictured (Pough) and the list was clearly edited to be as white as possible and still seem credible on the surface.

Here are some non-white mass shooters that Mother Jones somehow didn't include in the list. Twenty-two of them committed their atrocities between 1982 and 2012, while nine did so beginning in 2013.

N.S.: Every time I checked again, I found more such mass shooters. (Jerry found 18.) I’m sure I could go on for days finding more of these colored monsters.

James Edward Pough (1990)

Clifton McGree (1996)

Jonathan and Reginald Carr (2000)

John Allen Muhammad (2002)

Lee Boyd Malvo (2002)

Eduardo Rodriguez (2002)

Brian Nichols (March, 2005)

Ray Joseph Dandridge and Ricky Javon Gray (December, 2005-January, 2006)

Charles Lee Thornton (February, 2008)

Charles Johnston (March, 2008)

The Pearcy Massacre, November 2009
Nkosi Thandiwe (July, 2011)

Rodrick Shonte Dantzler (July, 2011)

Shareef Allman (October, 2011)

Andre Turner (December, 2011)

Jeong Soo Paek (February, 2012) (Paek was likely guilty of two sets of mass murders!)

Jacob Roberts (2012)

Lawrence Nathaniel Jones (2012)

James and Cedric Poor (January, 2013)

Lakim Faust (2013)

Christopher Dorner (2013)

Terrell Brownlow (2013)

Aaron Alexis (September, 2013)

Erbie Bowser 2013

Earnest Woodley 2013

Jaylen Fryberg (October, 2014)

You might be able to quibble about a couple names on the list as to whether they qualify as “mass shooters,” plus Jaylen Fryberg was in mid-2014 and the article states it's updated to May of 2014, so maybe his shooting was a little late, but for the most part everybody more than meets the definition. How on earth did Mother Jones miss Aaron Alexis? Christopher Dorner? Malvo and Muhammad? The others didn't get much, if any, publicity but those guys got a fair amount, maybe not as much as white shooters would have but enough that I can't believe someone doing an article like that didn't consciously omit them, even with the selective amnesia that afflicts most liberals.

I'd be interested to have a conversation with the author of this article and the editor. They would undoubtedly claim the omissions were accidental and it wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list anyways (just one promoting a PC ideology?). My question would be: Why are all the omissions non-whites?

Their response would undoubtedly be: You're a racist. Wait, didn't I already write that? (SMH)

Go here to read the full article:

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Tom Stedham said...

There was a "mass shooting" here in Miami last week.
A black man shot 9 black people at a public park.
But certain mass shootings don't get the media hysteria, and they certainly don't get included in Mother Jones lists...