Friday, July 16, 2010

Remorseless Killer of Two Illinois Cops, Shooter of Four Other Cops and One Civilian, Granted Parole by Feds

By Nicholas Stix

"I don't feel any remorse for those dead cops."

His name is Henry Michael Gargano, he and two accomplices did their primary evil in Northlake, Illinois and Ohio in 1967, and he was sentenced to 199 years in prison.

According to the new new math, 199 = 43.

Gargano’s crimes were not limited to at least two cases of armed robbery (and one case of either armed robbery or burglary of an Illinois armory, where he and his crime partners got the weapons they used to shoot all those people) , two murders, and wholesale attempted murder: He also has a tab for an earlier parole violation (the linked Chicago Tribune article doesn’t explain) and while in prison escaped twice, and planned a third escape.

Folks in Northlake aren’t taking this lying down, and have organized and demanded another hearing, scheduled for early August, to stop Gargano’s parole.

(Thanks to Illinois reader A.E., for the heads-up!)


Anonymous said...

The most famous murderer sentenced to life in prison I know of who was paroled, would be L. Ewing Scott. He was convicted of killing his wife Evelyn in 1959. They lived in Bel Air and it was one of the most sensational Los Angeles trials before Manson.

This was one of the first no-body cases. In the penalty phase, the jury gave Scott life instead of a death sentence.

Despite the sentence, Scott was paroled at age 81 in 1978 because of "poor health." It is said that the other San Quentin inmates called him "Old Scott." If one threatened him, Scott would brandish a cane and the young convict would back off.

In 1984, Scott was interviewed by writer Diane Wagner, who wrote a book about the case titled "Corpus Delicti." Scott told Wagner that he was guilty of killing his wealthy wife.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention in my previous post that L. Ewing Scott died in 1987.

David In TN

Nicholas Stix said...

Thanks for the information, David. I'd never heard of the case before.

Sorry about the delay in responding. We were away when you posted, and I just found your comment, going through my mail, which had hit its limit, yet again.

edward c. stengel said...

By today's standards 22 years in prison, like Mr.Scott did, is nothing. By the way, a famous cop killer named Tommy Trantino, who killed 2 New Jersy cops in 1964, was paroled after 38 years in 2002.
He hasn't gotten into any trouble since. The longest contimuously serving inmate in the world today is William Heirens, who has been in prison nearly 65 years since 1946 in the state of Illinois. It is utterly absurb to keep this old dying man in a prison another day. It's really the same with Henry Michael Gargano and Ronald Del Raine, who have both been in prison for nearly 44 years since 1967. This is just hatred and vindictiveness on the part of the police and their friends who keep these 2 dying old men in jail. The parole boards are boot lickers for the police. They bring disgrace on the concept of justice.