Friday, September 11, 2009

Is Robert Stacy McCain, Alias “The Other McCain,” an Anti-Semite?

By Nicholas Stix

It seems that (The Other) McCain made the mistake of weighing in on a conversation about why Jews remain overwhelmingly, resolutely socialist, er, “liberal,” and no one bothered to tell him, “This conversation is restricted.”

In case you’re wondering how the self-styled intellectual readers of leftwing blogs managed to make the jump from McCain’s suggestion that Jews move out to the country, so that their boys can grow up hotrodding down rural roads, to portraying him as Adolph McCain, they employ two intellectual methods: 1. They avoid reading people they consider their enemies; and 2. When they accidentally read a little bit of an "enemy," they respond with the same boilerplate as for 1., even if the boilerplate response is a total non sequitur. (All lefty "logic" is a series of non sequiturs.)

One of the scandals of contemporary public discourse, or the lack thereof, is the laziness, really aliteracy, and anti-intellectualism of college-indoctrinated lefties. (And not just lefties. Regarding neoconservative Jewish intellectuals, I have diagnosed the present age as one of Jewish mediocrity.) On a good day they go to one of their designated blogs, read a putdown of a Republican or conservative, and immediately vituperate, without ever bothering to read “the enemy’s” article. Lefty propagandists have long sought to quote the “wingnuts” out of context (they never have to do that with me, because I induce blunt force trauma in readers), but sometimes, they get the same reaction from their comrades by quoting perfectly innocuous passages in context. This vilification of anyone deviating a single degree from the racial socialist party line is a central facet of the long slow death of intellect that has been playing out in America for the past 46 years.
The following is the McCain passage that one lefty blogger saw as incriminating:
People tend to vote how they live and, despite the particular cultural differences that influence the politics of American Jews, I suspect that lifestyle has a lot to do with the persistence of liberalism in Jewish politics.
If Messrs. Podhorhetz, et al., wish to promote conservatism among American Jews, let them find some way to encourage Jewish families to move to small towns in the Heartland, where their kids can grow up hunting, fishing and hot-rodding the backroads.

Note that these are people who would like to see folks like T.O. McCain and yours truly imprisoned for “hate crimes,” shipped off to re-education camps, and tortured and murdered. They are projecting their own totalitarian impulses onto McCain, and using this scenario to divert attention from themselves.

Meanwhile, in their refusal to do their homework, the lefty vituperators have no idea what the original discussion, “Why are Jews Liberals?,” at Commentary, was about. McCain was responding to the truly inflammatory contribution by Michael Medved, who argued that most American Jews have replaced the religion of Judaism with that of “liberalism” (read: socialism), and that bigotry towards Christians keeps them in their present faith community. And Medved, as McCain observed, is right.

Elsewhere, T.O. McCain makes his only remark on the topic that I failed to grasp.

"No conservative white Christian is allowed to discuss ethnicity and culture."

For the record, I have never identified myself as a “conservative.”

Look for The Other McCain soon in the John Garfield role in a remake of Gentleman’s Agreement. Since I am tall, dark, handsome, and speak in a measured bass-baritone, I will re-create the Gregory Peck role.

A tip ‘o the hat to James Fulford.


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