Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Did and Who Didn’t Kill Anne Pressly? The Leftwing Blogosphere’s Not Talking


War crime victim Anne Pressly

By Nicholas Stix

As I teased below, is running me tonight simultaneously on the front page and inside the book. The cover story is entitled, Ann Coulter Fans Didn’t Murder Anne Pressly—It was the “Usual Suspect.” But No One's Apologizing.”

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Anonymous said...

The leftwing is dying a slow and those idiots don't realize it. How many people do they have to alienate before they catch that they're morons?

Anonymous said...

Intellectually and spiritually, they may be dying, but what do they care? They've got the power!

Anonymous said...

But how long can they hold on to which that is fickle and fleeting such as power.