Friday, November 28, 2008

In Hollywood, Bad Culture Kills Off Good Culture

Hit this link for today’s essay on the Hollywood “road rage” murder of jazz pianist John T. Osnes, allegedly by narcissist, er, rap/hip-hop performer David Moses Jassy.


Anonymous said...

This is Exhibit A for what's wrong with U.S. immigration policy.

While its doubtful the U.S. really needs more H1B tech workers from India, or more tomato pickers from Mexico, it is without question that the black gangsta rapper niche in our economy is already adequately filled. So why's a dude like this being let into the country?

Anonymous said...

If he's a Swedish national he can travel on the visa waiver program.

Anonymous said...

What's so very irritating about all the news reports surrounding this terrible story is that Jassy keeps being described as 'Swedish'. While he is a citizen of Sweden, he's not ethnically Swedish at all -- he's Gambian and Estonian.

The MSM is soooo annoying.

Anonymous said...

To Jun.. Is like when everybody in USA calls themselves AMERICAN!!!
David is born and raised in Sweden, and YES that makes him SWEDISH!! Wake up America!!! Wake up WORLD!!!!

David, we love you and support you...

Love from Sweden!