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A Letter from a Relative of 19-Month-Old Child Abuse Murder Victim, Christopher Marchiselli


[Re: “Remembering 19-Month-Old Christopher Marchiselli, One of New York’s ‘Disappeared’ Murders.”]

N.S. The only change I made to the following letter was to cut the block of text down into paragraphs.

By EdenzAngel

I just came across your blog and I can tell you more about the case about Christopher actually but your thoughts about it being a murder are beyond wrong.

I am related to Christopher... the article actually has always made me very upset because from what I felt it made Christopher's mom out to be a horrible person. She had problems I give you that but she did not at all purposely murder her baby.

April wasn't very aware of things though I believe it to be no fault of her own and I don't believe she deserved the life she had. She was accused of a lie and the Bronx Family Court system only re-victimized her as well.

She had passed on several years ago from cancer. She suffered in depression from abuse that was done to her. I believe April had some sort of developmental delay from childhood, as did Christopher but the court was never there to help the family regardless. Bronx Family court is definitely the worst and I can say that from my own personal experience. I know and have seen personally how they hide the real abuse going on right under their eyes and how they allow to pretend to not know and dismiss facts or call "off the record" to hide facts and cover evidence and then they twist things to create negative perceptions in other peoples minds and the newspaper is no better for writing such false article's to mislead and corrupt peoples mind's. Yet if you write or contact the newspaper for true abuse cases or things being hidden or not looked into they ignore it, if it don't particularly benefit their purpose I guess.

I remember going to Christopher's apartment and the water in the apartment would change, there was definitely a plumbing issue there, maybe boiler related. I'm not exactly sure why the water would do that but I do remember that and yes I will say it was neglect although I don't fully blame April for I always felt she really didn't know better from her level of understanding or thinking.

I do Thank You for bringing Christopher's name up though... I think of him all the time and wonder what he would have been like. I still visit his grave when I can and although the article doesn't do Christopher or his Mom or brother no justice and has no true purpose other than remembrance of a tragic story of such a young child lost too soon.

I was glad to see someone think about him and wonder why or what happened. I believe... It is always better to question everything in any circumstance, we should not hesitate to question and find the facts but we should remember to PAUSE and question our own intentions as well and Not add to the possible made up opinions and lies of others which can wound just as bad as the first who inflicted such lies upon some who may be just innocent victims of the systems injustice.

#RIP Christopher, LoVe You aLWayz ♡ Rest eaZy lil AnGeL!!! xoXox

N.S. I am sorry for your loss, Ma’am. However, I respectfully disagree with you, regarding the cause of Christopher’s death. Unless the Medical Examiner lied, which in this case I doubt, April Marchiselli murdered her son, Christopher. There are burns which are caused accidentally, and there are burns that are caused deliberately, and it’s pretty easy to tell the difference. The accidental burns are uneven, because the child reflexively jumps away. The deliberate-caused burns are much more even, because an adult, or much larger, older, minor forcuibly holds the wounded body part against the source of heat, thwarting the victim’s attempts to protect himself.

I no longer recall if I was taught that lesson when I worked with abused and neglected children, or through my reading later on.

Whether the mother was mildly retarded was irrelevant. Although many high-IQ people do not seem to know the difference between right and wrong, retarded people do know the difference. (I worked with retarded adults, as well.)

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  1. Sir, You are incorrect... my baby cousin Christopher had early developmental delays as well... even at eighteen months old, around the time of his death, 30 years ago today, he could barely pick his own head up. Sadly, his mom April was not even in the same room when he needed her. She left the children in the apartment and was in a neighbor's house. So that is where it was neglect and not murder. You are very wrong. Christopher's young sibling tried to help him which for a young child was very difficult at the angle they were apart and also with Christopher's weight because the sibling barely had any himself, his sibling struggled to try to lift him to save his life. You seriously have some nerve because you are mad at one particular judge and the injustice in the system, which I agree with you about the system being unjust but to make my baby cousin Christopher's tragic death and case out to be what you see fit in your mind, only adds to the injustice in this insane world. Try adding something positive and of value to the living in this world. Sometimes, we as people can get so caught up in the negative, being that it surrounds us, but don't let it outweigh the positive that is still left for you to do here, before it's all over. Good Luck finding your niche & PEACE!!!