Monday, April 05, 2021

Minneapolis’ Racist, black Police Chief Perjured Himself in His Testimony Today in the Show Trial of Officer Derek Chauvin, for the Death of George Floyd

By Nicholas Stix

ap’s fake news perps here are Amy Forliti and Tammy Webber. The only advantage to ap’s “thing” is that aol actually named the perps. Typically, “things” posted at sites other than do not list the perps, and sometimes even now refuses to name them.

“Police chief: Kneeling on Floyd's neck violated policy”

“Police Chief Says Derrek Chauvin ‘Absolutely’ Violated Department Policy by Leaning on George Floyd’s Neck”

What Officer Derek Chauvin did, did not violate MPD policy; it was MPD policy.

What a terrible department to work in. Then again, this is increasingly the standard.



Anonymous said...


The CourtTv wrapup allowed Lisa Bloom to return and show her ignorance again. Vinnie Politan led off with--what he considered "the moment of the day"--where the black chief answered the defense attorney's question:"Did the camera angle on the police-cam show you,that Derek Chauvin's knee was NOT on Mr.Floyd's neck--but his SHOULDER?"

"Yes,"he said.

Politan was incredulous,saying,"what we've been fed for a year is 'knee on neck,knee on neck'--but that isn't the case at all--according to the(black) Minneapolis police chief."

"This is huge," yelled Politan.
Then he asked Bloom,"What does this do to the prosecution's case?"
"Nothing,"Bloom retorted."It doesn't matter where the knee was--neck,head,back--Chauvin killed him."

So there you go.No evidence will exonerate Chauvin in her eyes.
She was also impressed that police were beginning to testify against other police--which is what will happen when blacks are put in power--but they'll only testify against WHITE cops--not black ones,you can be sure of that.


Anonymous said...

You could use the neck restraint but not TOO long. OH, sure he has a way out. Got to destroy the brother officer. Hell, never was a brother officer. I bet that negro cops spent a very small time of his career on the street.