Monday, April 19, 2021

2 Dead after Fiery Crash Involving Tesla that Took 4 Hours to Extinguish

By R.C.
Sun, Apr 18, 2021 12:14 p.m.

The Tesla's high-energy batteries on board continued to reignite as firefighters tried to get to the two people inside. -

R.C.: And folks criticized Ford Motor Company for giving the world the Pinto.

Also, you don’t “douse” a lithium battery fire with water.



Anonymous said...

I think people buy Teslas to show off that they have money and that they are progressive (virtue signalling). Obviously the Tesla is worthless for anyone who likes to explore our nation's remaining empty spaces. And trusting a computer to drive for you is just plain stupid. A good drive knows and takes many things into account that a computer doesn't. For example, an experienced drive knows that a deer standing alongside the road will likely panic and leap in front of you when you reach him. The smart driver brakes BEFORE the deer jumps into the road. Once I saw a girl in a T-top Camaro fishtailing. I knew she would not be able to get her car under control and told my wife, "Stop! stop! Stop1! Sure enough she spun around and around and ended up on the freeway in front of us. Driving is not just following a lane. Besides, if you look at pictures of crashed Teslas, you can see them torn up into a pile of junk. Then look at substantial cars--for example, a Mercedes, and see how the structure is intact. Tesla is a silly deathtrap--but it makes a lot of money for scamster Musk.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Like a bad case of herpes, Shrub is still lurking around working to inflict more globalist evil upon us:
I despised the Bush's, they are the ultimate rino's, putting on a conservative facade while working to promote the mass migration anti white agenda.

Anonymous said...

Correct. You need a special substance to extinguish that type of fire.