Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey Releases His Opening Remarks to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence for June 8, 2017

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A tip ‘o the hate to The Last Refuge.

Mind you, unlike The Last Refuge, I am not saying that this “exonerates” Donald Trump.

First of all, neither the President nor any other American needs to be exonerated of anything. Our system of justice is not built that way, even though racial socialists have been seeking for years to turn the presumption of innocence upside down, where normal, patriotic, white men are concerned.

Second, as Alan Dershowitz argued on CNN 7-10 days ago (while noting that he voted for Hillary Clinton, the President can, indeed order the FBI director to investigate or refrain from investigating anyone he chooses. Thus, Trump telling Comey to lay off Mike Flynn would not constitute obstruction of justice, or any other crime.

For a contrasting case, when Hillary Clinton ordered the Department of Justice to prosecute White House Travel Office director Billy Dale, that was the crime of malicious prosecution, and likely numerous other federal crimes. Mrs. Clinton knew that Dale had not committed any crimes; as first Lady, Mrs. Clinton had no standing to demand that the DOJ prosecute anything for anything; and her vindictive prosecution of Dale was part of a criminal conspiracy to turn the Travel Office into a cash cow for the Clintons and their friends.

Note that none of the DPUSA hacks screaming for President Trump’s head saw anything wrong in Travelgate, or any of Hillary or Bill Clinton’s assorted other crimes.

Third, as far as the President’s seditious enemies are concerned, everything is discovered or not discovered in this non-existent case inculpates the President. There is no exculpatory evidence, because they have defined everything as incriminating.

Plus, these are Comey's opening, not his closing remarks.

I fear, therefore, that Sundance at The Last Refuge is being over-confident.


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Anonymous said...

Interesting reading.As I've said before,if both Republican and Democratiic parties want to impeach,they could probably do it.Neither one has any allegiance to Trump,so the possibility exists.Not a major breach of the law,but if Comey puts a spin of guilt on it tomorrow,momentum could build toward an impeachment by Congress.The Deep State definitely wants Trump out.
What do they say about ham sandwiches and grand jury indictments?Same comparison here--just whether or not the Deep State wants to pursue it this early in the administration.
I'd put the odds at 60/40 "no impeachment" at this point.Any other miscues found to be committed by Trump would tip the scale the other way.Too bad.
--GR Anonymous