Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Why Would Any White Man be a Police Officer Today? 2 Chicago Policemen Shot on South Side

By “W”

Why would anyone be a Chicago police officer today?

N.S.: Most white men in today’s multicultural America can either get an awful job, like being a big city cop, or no job.

Thousands of workplaces have invisible signs out: No White Men Need Apply.

That’s why so many white men are committing suicide with opioids.

Meanwhile, so many who have jobs like cops, have become white Uncle Toms who ignore or support black criminals, while railroading innocent white men.

I have this speech in my head, for white cops who arrest me for being a crime victim of blacks: If you had any integrity, you’d eat your weapon.

I haven’t said it … yet.


May 2, 2017

2 Chicago police officers shot on South Side

Two on-duty Chicago police officers have been shot in the Back of the Yards neighborhood Tuesday night.

Both officers were taken to Stroger Hospital where their conditions are not thought to be life-threatening, police said.

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Anonymous said...

Twenty years and you get the pension. Then you are in your forties and can seek further employment maybe as a security guard at a casino.