Saturday, April 08, 2017

Dekitta Holmes was "smart, educated, and devoted to her children” … and a Spree/Mass Murderer


Dekitta Holmes (2nd from l), and some of her victims. By the way, the caption is wrong. It was three killed. A mass murderer's suicide doesn't count in the tally. Nobody murdered Dekitta Holmes.

Note the tats, done by an above-grade jailhouse tattoo artist (not that they were necessarily done in jail). The loops are tighter, and more graceful than your typical jailhouse tattoo artist. I just checked Google, and there were only 405 hits under her name. Had a white man committed the same crimes, there’d be thousands of hits by now.

[Re: “Texas: Mass Murder-Suicide.”]

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

“Dekitta Holmes was a mother of two, described by friends as smart and devoted to her children.”

Lol. I know everyone lies and forgets about a deceased person’s faults and invents good traits for the press (who wouldn't print the truth, anyway), but this is ridiculous.

Smart, educated? Uh huh. Why even print something that ludicrous? Besides that, it’s an oxymoron.

“Smart black person.”

I'll revise the news story to give it some honesty.

“DeKitta Holmes, flipped her black a** for the umpteenth time, but instead of her usual drug-induced fit, got hold of a gun this time and killed three others, before showing her true genius and blowing her own barely functioning brains out. A GoFundme page will be set up by con artists to profit from this crime.

“Some of her constant insanity was thought to be traced to the fact that she couldn't explain what her first name meant AND that she was unable to spell it.

“Neighborhood thugs, talking with us afterwards, said, “She was a good woman. I loved her like a sister. What was her name again?”

Other close friends asked, “Do I have to give back the stuff dat I stole from her? I shouldn't haff to—right?”

Holmes was called “smart” by the press, but when we went back to the black ho who said it, she was angry.

“I said she was smart like my butt! Dey took the last part out.”

Houston, we have a problem...too many blacks.
--GR Anonymous

Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 8:32:00 P.M. EDT


Anonymous said...

Smart! As learned in the classics I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're an idiot. We do have a problem. Too much hate.

Sharon said...

It's people like you that will ultimately ruin the legitimacy of the blogosphere. Take that beam out of your eye before you run around looking for a speck in the eye of an entire race of people. I came on here looking for some kind of clarity concerning this tragic event and all I got was stupidity. Sigh. You give bloggers a bad name. Signed, a fellow blogger and military vet.

Nicholas said...


Clarity is the last thing you sought. And you clearly know nothing about my work. I’m a journalist and social scientist who uses blog technology. I couldn’t possibly give “bloggers” a good or a bad name. As for your signoff, you give no indication of being a blogger, journalist, or anything else.

Military vet? What does that mean? Don’t tell me you want to be treated as if you really served, do you, like my Uncle Irwin, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge? Or my cousin Howard, who got it from a Jap sniper on Cape Gloucester?

Well, at least you’re literate.

Nicholas Stix

Anonymous said...

This is just stupid....I knew her as a person and for someone to judge and not know the facts behind...there is always two sides on a road you racist internet punk!

Nicholas said...

Anonymous, Racist Coward said...

"This is just stupid....I knew her as a person and for someone to judge and not know the facts behind...there is always two sides on a road you racist internet punk!"
Monday, April 10, 2017 at 3:44:00 PM EDT

Just like Dylann Roof, eh?

Nicholas Stix