Friday, March 03, 2017

Juan Thompson and the Jewish Question, Left-Wing Version

By Countenance Blogmeister

Many of us in this sector of politics have been saying for a long time that the left has its own thorny politics of the Jewish question. And here you go: It went splat on the wall in this matter.

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Anonymous said...

Count has a Jew problem in general.

Anonymous said...

Blacks by and large hate Jews. Black see the Jew as the landlord oppressor. And blacks find an affinity with the Palestinian and see the Israeli as the whitey settler taking away the land of the dark skinned native.

This too represents a federal crime as the electronic impulses of those messages crossed interstate lines. The negro attempted to deprive the girl friend of her civil rights to be free from intimidation.

And this also represents a pattern of misbehavior as orchestrated by someone on the left? I fear it is so.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this moron [and others like him] organized and encouraged those vandalism actions at the Jewish cemeteries.