Monday, November 07, 2016

Temperament: The Picture


Anonymous said...

I already did, but I hope voting machines have not been compromised.

Anonymous said...

From Grand Rapids,the NEW epicenter of politics(lol)...this is Grand Rapids Anonymous reporting a few highlights.The WOODTV reporter assigned,was ebullient in his description of HRC's crowd,at her appearance in suburban Allendale."Sellout crowd of 4500".Well,if they vote for her--they ARE sellouts--of this country imho.
It was a good sized crowd,but this part of Michigan is usually such an insignificant area in the scheme of politics,that a day,where both Clinton and Trump appear(later at 11pm)on the eve before the election,is astounding.A once in a 1000 years event.The same people in fact,are going to both rallies--"just to witness history."
My cousin went online to RSVP for tickets to the Trump rally(we were both going to go),but hadn't heard back yet.With my cousin's support,Trump will have at least ONE white female vote--and hopefully millions more.
That's it for now,on an absolutely gorgeous November day in Grand Rapids.
--GR Anonymous