Saturday, November 05, 2016

In the Current Year, Personal Responsibility is a Far-Right Ideal (Political Cartoon)


Anonymous said...

Unless one more damaging report comes out,I don’t think Trump can win Florida or Pennsylvania.I know Nadeem Walayatt(he predicted the Brexit vote uncannily,and thinks Trump gets 51% popular vote)forecasts otherwise,but the polls are staying about 3% (usually 47-44 Clinton).Walayatt stressed,the polls don’t matter–just like for Brexit–don’t believe them.Bookie odds are as follows:Trump over 50% popular vote (4-1).Clinton wins presidency(1-3.25).Walayatt says Trump 51-49.The problem for Trump are the Hispanics in Florida and the massive black population in Philly.Early voting results insist black voting is down 7%.The US cannot be divided simply by age–which was Brexit’s main impetus–old vs young.The US has ethnic groups who wield a lot of voting power in specific states.Hope I’m wrong of course.
--GR Anonymous

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jerry pdx
Update on the Rutgers stabbing spree. It wasn't a Muslim. It was a negro!!! Shocker. 18 year old Daniel Leandry is the perp though I couldn't find his photo attached to any articles online, I had to do a google search.

As I was researching the Rutgers stabbing spree a headline popped up about another stabbing spree that just occurred hours ago. Guess what race the perp is. Brace yourself, you may not be over the shock of discovering a negro was responsible for the Rutgers stabbing spree. Well, it's not a Muslim...It's another negro! This POS murdered two children and a 23 yr. old woman as well as injuring two 13 yr. old children and a 29 yr. old woman. No word on their race but there's a picture of the perp:
That makes two mass stabbings in a row that negroes are responsible for, though almost every one I can think of has been committed by negroes. What is it about blacks and running around stabbing people?

Anonymous said...

While Hillary Clinton spoke to campaign workers in South Florida on Saturday, her coughing fit returned
American Mirror - NOVEMBER 6, 2016
While Hillary Clinton spoke to campaign workers in South Florida on Saturday, her coughing fit returned.
She was giving brief remarks to volunteers prior to her appearance in Pembroke Pines.

After putting an emphasis on Haitian Americans, Clinton said, “We really feel a sense of connection to Haiti and all of the challenges that Haiti has faced.
“The continuing, terrible consequences of the weather, the earthquake in 2010, so I want to be a good partner with the people of Haiti,” she said.
“And as I told Larry, I want to work with leaders of the Haitian American community to really see the best way to be that good partner.
“There’s work to be done. More work than can be done by any one person alone,” she said, as she cleared her throat.
“It kind of chokes me up,” she added, before turning to an aide behind her and coughing.
“I care so much about doing this,” she said as her voice grew hoarse and she stood with her hands on her chest. “But I can’t do any of it unless I win. Let’s make it happen!”
With that, she quickly ended her remarks in less than four minutes, turned her back to the cameras and coughed some more.
GRA:The cameras actually panned away from her,as it looked like she was going to have a doozy of a fit--possibly as bad as Cleveland.So the press did her a huge favor--AGAIN.(Video on Infowars)
---GR Anonymous

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Hard to believe,but Grand Rapids is going to be the center of the political universe,for a day. Grand Rapids will be Donald Trump's last campaign stop before Election Day.

The Republican presidential nominee and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, are scheduled to spend the final hours at a rally at DeVos Place. It is slated to begin at 11 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7, and supporters can RSVP on the campaign's website.

Monday's event comes back-to-back to Sunday's event in Michigan, with Trump holding an event in Sterling Heights.

On the Democratic ticket, Hillary Clinton will rally her supporters at 4 p.m. on the Allendale campus of Grand Valley State University.

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Personally,I don't get it.Grand Rapids?Trump better watch it at that hour of the night in GR.
Out in Allendale,in the last month--at the same Grand Valley campus Clinton will be at,were a couple murders and several rapes.School officials had to install lights on the campus and GR police publicly chastised the school for not being "open" about the severity of the crimes.
To paraphrase W.C Fields,"On the whole,I'd rather be in Hawaii."
--GR Anonymous

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ZtWell the FBI just anointed HRC today,conducting an investigation of 650,000 emails in Guiness book record time.
The one week look see,was possibly just an invention to take the heat off the FBI director from Trump and other conservatives.
Now,as it turns out,this was an illusory exercise in factgathering and nothing more than a PR move--which Comey
obviously hoped would show his impartiality.Not to me.
He'd chosen his side in July.Maybe the story that the DoA wouldn't allow a grand jury to hear evidence is true--or isn't--but this much IS true:The election is unfortunately...OVER!
--GR Anonymous