Tuesday, October 04, 2016

A Much More Important Debate Will Take Place Tomorrow Night!

By Nicholas Stix

Mets-Giants, Syndergaard-Bumgarner, at Corporate-Sponsored Field, in Flushing, 8 P.M., on ESPN.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Lesta Holt or the CNN taco girl aren't umpires for the game or they'll definitely be biased for liberal San Francisco over more conservative NY.Holt would be calling Mets players out on one strike and letting the Giants have their own "safe city" on the basepaths.
"But the ball beat the guy by 5 steps",the Mets manager would scream at Umpire Holt.
"SAFE!"Holt would reply,"and so are the next 10 guys they send up to the plate.Perhaps you didn't see me moderate the Trump/Clinton debate."
Final Score:San Francisco 54 Mets 0.
--GR Anonymous.