Saturday, September 03, 2016

Longtime Critic of Democidal Open Borders Complains, “To be an Immigration Restrictionist Today is to Reside in a Political Groundhog Day, Where Sensible Enforcement Strategies of Yesteryear Have Disappeared into a Black Hole”

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To those familiar with, or who are members of the movement to save America through enforcing existing immigration laws, and restoring policies and laws that serve America’s vital interests, rather than those of plutocrats and foreign criminals, Brenda Walker. I’m proud to have rubbed elbows with Brenda as a longtime VDARE contributor (me, since 2004, she since, forever, i.e., 2000), at the occasional immigration policy conference, and to have religiously read her articles on immigration and crime, immigration and the environment, immigration and the abuse of girls and women since I’ve had a modem (2000), as well as her new beat, the elimination of American jobs through robotics.

She sent the following letter “a couple days prior to Trump’s immigration speech”:

Exit the way you entered
By THE WASHINGTON TIMES - - Thursday, September 1, 2016

To be an immigration restrictionist today is to reside in a political Groundhog Day where sensible enforcement strategies of yesteryear have disappeared into a black hole. According to the press (and Donald Trump), there are only two choices for dealing with illegal aliens: Round them up to be deported or allow the long-termers — those with anchor babies and lengthy periods of job thievery — to stay. Really?

Instead, why not turn up the heat on existing programs, such as e-Verify, to make illegals’ lives so difficult that they are forced to leave on their own, the same way they got here?

Mitt Romney was roundly criticized for suggesting illegals “self-deport.” Apparently it was too sensible a suggestion for mainstream media to abide. But Mr. Romney was right: Deportation expenses for job thieves shouldn’t fall on American taxpayers.

Behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner taught us that negative reinforcement reduces undesirable behaviors, but America’s current practice of rewarding illegals with jobs, food stamps and first-world healthcare trains them to sit and stay. Democrats apparently want culturally big-government foreigners to remain and vote.

After decades of permissiveness, the government must demonstrate seriousness about immigration enforcement if we are to ever again imagine ourselves as “a nation of laws.”


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Anonymous said...

"Round them up to be deported or allow the long-termers — those with anchor babies and lengthy periods of job thievery — to stay. Really?"

During Operation Wetback illegal Mexican nationals were deported and they took their children with them. So simple.