Saturday, August 06, 2016

Man Allegedly Robbed, Raped at Knifepoint by Two Men in Popular Northwest D.C. Park
By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat and Nicholas Stix

Muslim perps?

N.S.: Possibly, but it’s also possible they were black. Many black men, who insist that they are normal, are obsessed with raping white men, in order to humiliate and degrade them, and strip them of their manhood. Such racially motivated rapes have been a scandal in our nation’s prisons for generations, as even a leftist like Joanne Mariner has chronicled for Human Rights Watch.

However, they have also been carried out outside of prison. Several years ago, some racist black thugs were raping white men in San Francisco. The local media’s response—to suggest that the victims were “racist,” for complaining.

And then, in 2007, black Keith Hill, the Baytown Rapist, would stalk slender-built, young white men, app. 18-20 years old, who lived at home with their parents, for weeks on end, before striking. Hill would chart the schedules of the targeted white vic and huis parents, respectively, and then attack one day when the vic was home alone, often when he went outside to throw out the garbage.

When Hill was finally caught, he insisted that he was not a homosexual. It was more important that he be considered heterosexual than that he be acquitted of the charges.

But if Hill was heterosexual, why would he rape only men, and exclusively white men? The answer was obvious, and just as obviously denied.

One of the dirty little secrets of black America is that probably over one-third of black men consists of bisexuals and homosexuals, approximately ten times the white rate. I say this, because over one-third of black men spends some time in jail, where virtually all of them engage in homosexual sex, both consensual sex and rape.

Man allegedly robbed, raped at knifepoint by 2 men in popular Northwest D.C. park
Another brutal reported sexual assault on a D.C. street and this time the victim is a man. According to police, a man was walking along 15th St. near Meridian Hill Park early Sunday morning when two men jumped out from behind a car, pulled a knife on him a


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