Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Media's Monolithic Racism, and Black America's "Victim Syndrome Fetish"

By Grand Rapids Anonymous

MSM media include BS (Black-Slanted) commercials. Though not as blatantly racist as the Nationwide ads, which depicted white neighbors as idiots, while their "cool, intelligent," black neighbors watch in amusement and disdain, the Capitol One ad with Samuel L. Jackson telling a white guy, "You're smart," for a variety of reasons, to which the white guy says, "Hey, I AM smart," only to be told by the great black decider of such things: "Don't let it go to your head" (or what?).

For some reason,this racist ad gets under my white skin as much as the other Nationwide ad. It's premeditatedly constructed to BE a racial ad--it wouldn't work at all with two blacks or whites as actors, because of the racial threat being made by Jackson.

It's lazy ad writing, and the company should be emailed repeatedly to stop making these kinds of commercials.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 1:20:00 AM EDT

By Jerry PDX
To: Grand Rapids Anonymous

Good comment, and right on the mark, but I would like to elaborate on it. The racist bias against whites has permeated the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, not just advertising. While blacks in America with "victim syndrome fetish," along with their liberal sycophants, will claim they are always portrayed "negatively," the actual "portrayals" are rarely stereotypically negative. If they cite something they'll dredge up the maid in Gone with the Wind or some other characterizations when TV and movies were in their infancy. Even if there were some racist characters from those days, the pattern of making whites appear stupid and venal, and contrasting them with wise and moral blacks quickly became standard in the entertainment industry, and appears to have become an entrenched convention.

The first time I recall becoming conscious of it was when I watched the movie Stripes, starring Bill Murray. I noticed all the whites were idiotic and stupid, while all the blacks were clever and competent. While I was young and still laughed at some of the hijinks, I felt a strange bit of unease about what I had seen. Later on, I realized just how racist against whites it was. Of course, I've seen that same stereotype repeat itself over and over, as the years have passed. I don't need to cite any more examples; most people reading this already know of plenty themselves. If you are a racist black and disagree, and I'm sure there are some who read Nicholas Stix regularly, then pull your heads out of your asses and pay attention to what you see.

Not even to mention the refusal of the media to portray blacks as serial killers, mass killers, or pedophiles, invariably (with rare exceptions), white men are chosen for these roles, and often black men are strategically placed nearby, in order to contrast against the evil whites, and make it appear that negroes do not do these things, only white men. Just watch shows like CSI or Law & Order semi-regularly. It's impossible to argue with racist blacks about this subject, because these TV images have been imprinted on their subconscious minds, and most simply aren't smart enough to realize it is just entertainment with a politically-correct slant.

I came up with "victim syndrome fetish" as a description of black Americans and their endless complaining about everything. It's one of my favorite things to say when arguing with racist blacks, and they hate it. If anyone wants to use it, please do. I looked it up, and can't find it anywhere associated with black America's rabid persecution complex. I think it should be. I would love it, if it became a catchphrase.


Anonymous said...

How about:
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Anonymous said...

"The racist bias against whites has permeated the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry, not just advertising"

Black sitcoms too. Sanford and Son, Good Times, Jefferson's, even Cosby.

George Jefferson always putting his whitey neighbors in their place. Whitey neighbors always dumb, stupid, dolts, the whitey husband of Roxy Rooker always staying dumb things the wife had to correct.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The media in collaboration with police are already going into cover up mode re a knife murder rampage in London. The articles I've seen spend more time announcing there's "no terrorism" link than any other detail. The perp has been dubbed a "Norwegian-Somali". Must be a new species of some kind. Putting Norwegian in front of Somali suggests that is he incapable of having loyalty to his race and country of origin. Mental problems are being suggested, again to divert attention away from any possible race bias or political motivation. A 60 year old American woman was killed, 5 other people injured.
One has to wonder why he chose to go on his rampage in London and not back at "home" in Norway, of course London is a much higher profile place to commit such an act, you'll definitely get headlines there whereas in Norway perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

Tonight,straight out of something between "The Twilight Zone",and "Outer Limits",Donald Trump entered "The Cave-in Zone".
He endorsed McCain,Ryan and another pol and looked totally unenthusiastic about it.Waterboarding would have been a preferred activity,rather than enduring the political colonoscopy procedure he had performed on him tonight.I've had a colonoscopy and Trump had the same look on his face that I had (my anesthesia wore off early).He gritted his teeth and said the words,that personally,I KNOW he didn't mean.To praise McCain and Ryan tonight must have been his punishment for being a bad boy and not listening to his handlers--like Manafort.
I was hoping he'd continue to say "FU" to the Republican establishment,but I also know,that they would have sabotaged whatever chance he might have had to win this election.
Compromise--something I thought Trump wouldn't ever have to do.I kept hoping they couldn't get to him.Too bad.It was fun while it lasted.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to waste much time on this one.Turned on MSNBC Saturday morning and they have a black racist host,Joy Reid on the air,talking with another black(William Barber-whoever that Trump...and voter suppression laws.Before the segment,Reid asked a question:Is Donald Trump losing because of his own problems or because "the election is rigged".She then said,"I think you know the answer to that one",as they went to commercial.
The election is rigged,not in the way a sporting event is rigged.Tennis players throw matches,baseball players didn't play up to their abilities.No,the "rigging" here is that after the media was all for Trump in the primaries (possibly to set him up for general election "rigging"),they have gone a complete 180 and the only thing derogatory thing they HAVEN'T said is that Trump can't put one foot in front of the other while trying to walk.
The rigging is pervasive.From court rulings on voter IDs,to media coverage,to politicians(of BOTH parties) wanting the status quo to continue.I just saw an a-hole,Bruce Bartlett,on the Reid show just call Trump a demagogue.Bartlett worked for Bush and Romney and HE is against Trump.Now a white guy(name Rick Tyler),said the 400m paid to Iran was a hostage deal-and Reid cut him off saying,"No,no,no Rick,I'm not going to let you do that.It was a defense contract payoff from 1979 and YOU KNOW IT RICK."
He eventually said ,"It was a hostage payoff,done on the same day the hostages were released".Reid,being the lousy black host she is,cut him off repeatedly.
I should've watched cartoons--they're more intelligent than that garbage.
Want an example of "RIGGED"?How about the "Joy Reid Propaganda Hour".
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"I watched the movie Stripes, starring Bill Murray. I noticed all the whites were idiotic and stupid, while all the blacks were clever and competent."

NOT so much educated colored but very savvy and street smart. Unlike whitey.