Tuesday, July 05, 2016

From a Few Good Men, to No Men, to Homosexuals and “Transgenders”: The Marines Have Gone from being the World’s Greatest Military Outfit, to a Laughing Stock, Show-No Job Mill for Girls, Queers, and Sexual Psychos; USMC Has Removed “Man” from Some Job Titles, with the Rest to Come

By Reader-Researcher “W”

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
My suggestion is round these criminals up and dump them on the shores of wherever they came from, who the hell cares about red tape. If it's a land border (Mexico), then dump them across the border and make sure they know if they come back they'll do some serious hard time. Only the US mollycoddles foreign criminals to such an extent. It's beyond ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
As a follow up to my previous email about the Swedish music festival attacks. I spotted this on MSN right after seeing another article about it. I had to send this one simply because of the final line. Quote:

In neighboring Denmark, where the annual weeklong Roskilde rock festival attended by 130,000 people wound up on Sunday, police said they had reports of five cases of alleged rape or sexual assault, which police officer Carsten Andersen described as "nothing out of the ordinary at such a big event, although every single case is too much."

This Carsten Andersen must be the damage control spokesperson specialist, he doesn't say if these "nothing out of the ordinary" assaults were regular events pre mass immigration of young Muslim males, without that context his comment is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

The gay Iman,soon to leave office has wielded untold damage in every arena.

Anonymous said...

Like I commented about Chicago's daily shootings--it happens so much that it's not even news anymore--it's normal black behavior...and accepted as such.These countries you mentioned,along with Germany and others,are trying to downplay the Muslim criminal acts as a strategy of acceptance.Not only that,but if the government doesn't take it seriously enough to close the borders,what can the citizens do anyways?(besides move).
In this country Obama and the Dems want us to accept Muslim violence under the umbrella of ALL violence--which is not true.Different races have their own tendencies based on their DNA.By dumping blacks,Mexicans and Muslim violence in a blender with whites (who by comparison,are not anywhere close to the violent tendencies of the other groups),it is the whites who get liquified and pulverized undeservedly by the Obama blender.I don't consider that equality--I consider that punishment for good behavior.
--GR Anonymous