Thursday, July 07, 2016

During Congressional Oversight Committee Questioning FBI Director James Comey, Segregationist Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (ZANU PF-NJ) Pursues Deflection Strategy: Let’s Talk About Mike Brown and Railroad Innocent White Cops

By Nicholas Stix

All of the Democrats are making statements that make no sense at all, regarding the topic of Hillary Clinton’s criminal acts, or are powder puff questions that are designed to defend Comey’s reputation.

Cong. Coleman brought up the fatal police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minnesota of black men in the past days, and tied them to the Michael Brown case.

As black supremacists like the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” black supremacist career criminal Al Sharpton, and less infamous black supremacists like Cong. Coleman have jumped on the bandwagon to railroad the white cops in Minnesota and Louisiana, leads me to think that these must be clean shootings, since “Obama,” Sharpton, et al. always lie, and never back a righteous cause.


Anonymous said...

Judge Lester Holt will have equal or less coverage of the hearings than the shootings--you can bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Ms Bonnie would have to go there. What a vindictive race_baiter! WTH did that have to do with the FBI interview? She must have wanted to impress her peeps.

Anonymous said...

Which was exactly true...10 minutes on the shootings..5 on Clinton.
"Very troubling",said Hizzoner Holt from his bench at NBC,concerning the shootings.
"Not very troubling at all",the inference made by his lack of commentary on the subject of Clinton.
Bring in the next case of Trump vs anyone for tomorrows show on Negro Nightly News.