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Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Incite Mass Murder of Policemen in Dallas: At 8:58 P.M., Just Two Hours After His Speech Demonizing White Policemen and Romanticizing Violent Black Felons, and Her Anti-Cop Tweet, Their Supporters Slaughter Four Policemen, and Wound 11 Cops and One Civilian in Ambush Massacre, as Part of a Black Lives Matter “Demonstration”; One Killer is Still at Large, 3 are in Custody (Text, Photos, Graphic Videos)


First Seconds: Protest Erupts into Gunfire A protest against nationwide officer-involved shootings turns violent in Dallas. (Published 3 hours ago)

The article below is calling this attack, "the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001," but that's simply not true. 9/11 was not an attack on American law enforcement. Black supremacists Lovelle Mixon (Oakland California, March 21, 2009) and Maurice Clemmons (Lakewood, WA, November 29, 2009), each murdered four policemen in 2009.

2 Snipers Ambush, Kill 4 Officers, Injure 11 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest
It is the the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001
By NBC 5 Staff
[Circa 2:30 a.m., ET, Friday, July 8, 2016]

Police continue to exchange gunfire with a cornered gunman hours after four officers were fatally shot at the conclusion of a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas, officials said early Friday morning.

Three other suspects were in custody in connection with the shooting that killed three Dallas police officers and one DART transit officer and wounded seven other officers, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

• A Look at Recent Shootings That Targeted Police

The cornered suspect is not cooperating and has told negotiators "he's going to hurt and kill more of us," alluding to bombs planted in the area, Brown said. A bomb squad investigated at least one suspicious package in the night as part of the massive police response.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings provide a 12:30 a.m. update on the shootings in downtown Dallas. (Published 2 minutes ago)

Eleven officers in all were shot by gunmen in what police believe to be a coordinated ambush attack that began at 8:58 p.m., at the close of a rally in solidarity with two men killed in officer-involved shootings, one in Louisiana, one in Minnesota.

Video from the scene showed officers taking cover and people in the rally scattering after gunshots were heard.


Officers Take Cover After Shots Fired Downtown Dallas police officers take cover after shots were fired during a protest of nationwide officer-involved shootings, July 8 [sic], 2016. (Published 4 hours ago)

"We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves to triangulate on our officers and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could," Brown said at a news conference Thursday evening.

At least one civilian was injured. She was identified by family as Shetamia Taylor, and she was shot while shielding her children from the gunfire, her sister told NBC 5. Taylor's condition is not known.

One person was taken into custody at about 11:30 p.m., Dallas police said, following an exchange of gunfire with Dallas SWAT officers. A suspicious package was located near that person, and the package was being investigated by bomb squad personnel.

Raw Video: Witness Accounts of DPD Officers Shot Witnesses tell NBC 5 what they saw after Dallas police officers were shot after a rally in Downtown Dallas Thursday night. (Published 4 hours ago)

Witnesses tell NBC 5 what they saw after Dallas police officers were shot after a rally in Downtown Dallas Thursday night. (Published 4 hours ago)

Two other people were taken into custody in connection with a vehicle, Brown said. But he and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings stressed that the shooting scene was still active — Brown said that after the Friday morning news conference, he would receive plans for how to end the standoff with the suspect, in a garage at El Centro College.

"We still don't have a complete comfort level that we have all the suspects. So we will continue a very, very rigorous investigation and search of downtown," Brown said. "We will likely be working throughout the early morning hours of Friday until we are satisfied that all suspects have been captured and have an opportunity to be interviewed."


Dallas police officers take cover after shots were fired during a protest of nationwide officer-involved shootings, July 8 [sic], 2016. (Published 4 hours ago)

Shots Fired at Dallas Rally: The Dallas Morning News Photos

Rawlings called the shooting Dallas' "worst nightmare," Thursday night, and asked that all residents "come together and support our police officers."

Gov. Greg Abbott offered the state's assistance to Dallas overnight.

It is the deadliest day for United States law enforcement agents since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks killed 72, NBC News reported.

The ATF and FBI have joined the investigation, authorities said.

Dallas police released a photo of a man whom they considered a "person of interest" in the shootings. The man, whose identity has not been released, surrendered to police for questioning.

A person who identified himself as the brother of the man whose photo was released told NBC 5 that his brother had nothing to do with the shooting.

Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas After Rally, Protest

Scores of police officers arrived downtown following the shooting, which took place along Main Street between and Market and Lamar streets, a block from the Old Red Courthouse building.

Shooting Occurred After Dallas Rally, March NBC 5's Cory Smith, who was in downtown Dallas covering the rally, describes the scene during and after the shooting Thursday night. (Published 3 hours ago)

DART public transportation service is suspended in downtown due to police activity. El Centro College is closed Friday, and classes are canceled due to the police investigation.

A witness who posted video to Facebook said he saw at least three officers wounded near El Centro College. (Video is embedded below.)

The shooting comes just over a year after a man opened fire on Dallas Police Headquarters on South Lamar Street. No officers were injured in the ensuing shootout.

NBC 5 has several crews near the scene. We will update this story when more information is available.

Published 1 minute [App. one hour] ago

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Video of Dallas Shooting on 7/7/2016


Published on Jul 7, 2016 by Arturas Kerelas.

Video of suspect running around and shooting police officer.

DALLAS SHOOTING: 3 Police Officers killed, 7 injured at Black Lives Matter Protest, On-Scene Footage

Published on Jul 7, 2016 by Face of a Dying Nation.

Multiple Officers have been shot at a Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas by two heavily armed suspects. At least 2 Offiers are dead, 6 injured. This is on scene footage from civilians in the area taken during the shootout.

[Read updates in reverse order, to see the developing situation.]

Update 10:17: Fox 7 reports that all available officers have been called in.

Update 10:16: Officers escorted about a dozen college students from El Centro College after shooting, Fox 4 reported.

Update 10: 15: Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas, “Thoughts and prayers are with the police officers who were shot in Dallas tonight.”

Update 10:11: “Evil showed up and hid in bullet proof vests. It was in their heart to go and do something of this nature.” Rabb reported. “There are some officers who have been wounded who are gravely ill.”

Update 10:08: Shawn Rabb of Fox 7 is reporting “multiple officers in grave condition. As many as five or six officers gravely. This is going to be an horrific night here in the city of Dallas.”

Update 10:07: Fox News is reporting multiple shooters according to Fox 7 in Dallas. First shooter is reportedly “neutarlized” while the second shooter is reported to be negotiating with police.

Update 10:06: Eyewitness tells Fox 4 “As we resumed the march, we heard what sounded like a bunch of firecrackers going off.” He said women and children were running for their lives.

Update 10:05: Fox 4 eyewitness “I am happy to be alive.”

Update 10:04: Fox4 now reporting a DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) police officer has been shot and is not doing well.


Anonymous said...

shooter in video does't move like a black guy. how many blacks are actually trained in military as snipers?

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Did the shooter have Islamic names? I will suspect this if the authorities take a VERY long time in releasing the names of the shooters.

Anonymous said...

Fox is getting brave today,putting guests on that are blaming blacks and outright calling the GF in the Minnesota incident--a liar."Blacks tend to lie about what really happens in those cases."Couldn't believe it.Calling a spade a spade.Need more of it.
--GR Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Two things.Fox reporting Micah Johnson ID'ed as the thug killed by police earlier today via robot bomb.
Also,Sheriff Clark,a black from Milwaukee,called Obama a cop hater and inflamer of the racial problem.Fox putting on as many blacks as possible who'll speak against Obama.
NO one calling the media's role in this into account yet.I'm waaaiting.Will the media be honest and critique itself?
Obama?He blames guns
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

How many times has Obama moaned about "racial unfairness in the justice system?"